3D Modeling Type: Choose the Right Option

3D modeling
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For successful creative advertising layouts – there is 3D modeling. 3D images are suitable for any type of commerce and provide excellent results.

 If you need to order 3D furniture modeling, then the choice of 3d visualization should be approached very carefully. 

This article is written to show the possible types of visualization so that you choose a unique option.

Advertising opportunities

For the sales department, 3D furniture models will be an excellent option, which will successfully demonstrate the product and become an advertising tool.

Product shots are fairly easy to produce, but they take a lot of time to retouch and perfect the shot. Displaying a lifestyle is an expensive process that requires innovation in interior design, but it really does a good job of presenting products to a specific industry.

3D modeling has several types that are designed to create a quality product, however, the choice of a specific one depends on the desired result.

Polygonal models are a good and cheap option, but be prepared for a limited level of detail. It is a normal option for conventional projects.

While 3D sculpting is the real opposite of polygonal models. 3D sculpting is difficult to make, the process is time-consuming and can only be done successfully by professionals. Nevertheless, the results are justified, due to the excellent detail. A good option for creating high-quality furniture.

3D furniture modeling services are excellent for creating unique and custom models for commercial or residential projects. 

Interactive media

Virtual reality can be a great tool not only in games, but also in creating informative presentations of furniture. This tool will attract much more attention from clients or investors due to its flexibility. People will be able to see the product carefully from all sides. Ordinary still images complicate the process of understanding.

You can also successfully use the augmented reality app. It will serve not only as an excellent move for promotion, but also to consider in detail the individual elements of the product, which will help to add up a complete picture for the client.

NURMS is another kind of 3D furniture modeling that will serve as a wonderful option for interactive media. Such models are called “shells”, as they are free from blind spots, take up less RAM, and also hide all the noise of polygons and have good detail.

Find more information about 3D-rendering here https://www.treenitro.com/3d-product-rendering/

Product website

3D modeling is an excellent tool in the field of advertising, therefore it justifies all the resources spent on creating a model.

However, to be first to market, you need to pay attention to the design of your websites. Visual effects can enhance a web page. You can use 3D images of the product or its lifestyle to achieve a good result. However, you must understand that the modern audience wants more, and you need to give it. If you provide a 360-degree view of the product, it will provide customers with a great view of the product and increase its presentability.

As we said earlier, for better detail, turn to 3D sculpting, and polygonal modeling will save you in the second case written above.

Prototype testing

Design prototyping is a very costly process that can only be beneficial if you use computer graphics professionally. You no longer need to create a layout in the real world for successful testing, today it is enough to have a good 3D furniture model.

Pay attention to NURMS, as it is the best option for creating a great look without spending a huge amount of money and time.

Customer training materials

If your company specializes in furniture modeling, then providing interactive materials will be a great way to attract customers.

These 3D modeling guides are more about programming, but it is by far one of the most important skills. At the same time, the models themselves do not have to be complex, the main thing is to pay attention to the accuracy of the shape and color.

Moreover, educational content can be types of interactive brochures that talk about marketing, product or customers.

To develop such a useful action, you will need either NURMS or 3D sculpting.

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