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Last Updated on October 30, 2023 by Team Experts

The increasing number of competitors in every niche, the ease of migrating to a different product or service provider, and similar prices are a few of the many reasons why businesses are struggling to retain their clients more than ever.

This is pushing business owners to invest more in customer success tools to put a cap on their churn rates. However, all that is doing is increasing their overhead costs and making their client satisfaction workflow more complicated.

Fortunately, there is a simple solution for businesses that run on WordPress — plugins.

WordPress plugins are tool packages that extend the functionality of your website, allowing you to build processes centered around your content management system (CMS), something legacy platforms like Drupal do not offer. 

To leverage this extensive plugin ecosystem, many businesses and enterprises opt to migrate from Drupal to WordPress to future-proof their company.

In this article, let’s look at four WordPress plugins that will boost your client retention rates while keeping your overhead costs down and workflow streamlined.

1. Click to Chat

The Click to Chat plugin allows your web visitors to initiate a conversation with you in their WhatsApp inbox with a single click. This will give your audience a chance to ask any questions they might have about your products or services and get answers instantly rather than waiting for a few days with email.

Its key features include:

  1. Custom default message: Welcome your visitor appropriately whenever they open the chat to start the conversation on the right foot.
  2. Connect multiple agents: You can add multiple WhatsApp accounts to efficiently direct each conversation to a team member based on their availability.
  3. Integrate with WooCommerce: If you are running an e-commerce business, you can create tailored messages by considering dynamic variables for products or categories.
  4. Capture leads: When starting a chat, your visitor has to enter their details (set by you) so you can retarget them later if required.
  5. Monitor interactions: Keep an eye on the Click to Chat conversations effortlessly through Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, etc.

On top of all this, the plugin also supports multiple languages and webhooks (through apps like Zapier and Pipedream) to seamlessly integrate into your existing customer success workflow and boost retention rates.

2. OptinMonster

OptinMonster’s popup builder will help businesses increase their newsletter signups, capture better leads, and ultimately improve conversion rates. As most web visitors rarely revisit the same website, OptinMonster’s user-friendly signup form and popup builder will assist you with reaching your target audience in their own email inbox.

Its key features include:

  1. Choosing from multiple variations: The plugin allows you to select from different styles including floating, header, slide-ins, inline, and exit-intent.
  2. Intuitive drag-and-drop builder: Even your non-technical team members can quickly create aesthetically pleasing sign-up forms, popups, and CTAs.
  3. Gamification to improve engagement: Integrate games to encourage your visitors to interact with your brand while helping you capture leads in the process.
  4. Connecting with various CRM tools: Whether for email marketing or sales, the OptinMonster plugin can send your audience’s details to any solution.
  5. Conversion analytics: Monitor your performance on a campaign-by-campaign basis to find out what works and discover new areas of improvement.

An additional perk of using this plugin to create popups, sign-up forms, and CTAs is the plethora of in-depth articles provided by OptinMonster, which will help you learn about lead capturing and nurturing and ultimately improve your retention rates.

3. WPLoyalty

Customers love it when their favorite brands reward them for their purchases and actions in the form of coupons, discounts, and goodies. WPLoyalty helps you do just that by pushing the right reward at the right time to increase repeat purchases, improve brand sentiment, and ultimately boost retention.

Its core functionalities include:

  1. Gamification and transparency: Showing how many redeemable loyalty points a buyer can earn per product or purchase and how many they have left on the catalog page and at the checkout.
  2. Reaching a global audience: WPLoyalty’s multi-lingual and multi-currency helps businesses pull their target audience and customers closer by interacting with them in a language they are familiar with.
  3. Building a sense of urgency: It allows marketing teams to set an expiry date for coupons, loyalty points, etc., thereby encouraging the customers to act quickly.
  4. Customizing the points system: Create your own loyalty program by incentivizing purchases and actions as per your goals.

With seamless integration with the WooCommerce ecosystem, WPLoyalty positions itself as a one-stop solution for businesses looking to increase client retention by rewarding them.



The WP ERP (enterprise resource planning) plugin is a comprehensive solution for businesses to shift their fundamental processes to WordPress, transforming the open-source CMS into a collaborative workspace. Although you can manage various human resources processes with this plugin, it also offers a solid CRM and accounting toolkit.

Its core features that contribute to customer success include:

  1. CRM system within WordPress: Manage contacts, segment your leads and customers, take and share notes, and monitor customer activity from your dashboard.
  2. In-built accounting module: Generate reports, create bills, verify payments, etc., for your customers and business to quantitatively measure your ROI.
  3. Expand as you grow: If you don’t need all the features, you don’t have to load all the modules, features, and components, keeping your tech stack light.
  4. Secure and enterprise-compliant: WP ERP checks all the legal boxes when it comes to protecting your business data and your customer’s privacy.

Furthermore, the plugin allows you to share information and collaborate with your team members and offers the option to integrate with your employee management toolkit, making your business operations efficient to deliver great products and services to your clients.

Wrapping up

Client retention is a challenge that businesses often grapple with, particularly due to increasing competition, ease of migrating to a new service provider or seller, and maintaining multiple tools to increase customer satisfaction.

Fortunately, WordPress plugins come as an effective solution where brands can enhance their client success workflow without overcomplicating their processes. Furthermore, most of the plugins come with a free version, enough for businesses to get started with.

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