Who is Viktor Arcane?

viktor arcane
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Viktor has been a staple on the League of Legends roster. Since his first appearance in Fields of Justice in 2011, he is a mad scientist who uses his mental abilities and uses his powerful mind to devise dangerous means.

But what do we know about this sinister figure? Who is Viktor Arcane and why do machines constantly gravitate to his body? Let’s find out!

Fans of Netflix’s new hit show Arcane were a bit confused. What’s wrong with Viktor Arcane? Who is Victor’s family? And how does Victor suddenly have magical powers?

We’ll break it down for you. Viktor is one of the magic users in the Arcane world. He’s a little weird, but well meaning.

Victor in the league

Viktor is a League of Legends character, you may have noticed that he is a magician. He is also one of the most powerful wizards in the game and has access to three unique abilities: Death Ray (which shoots lightning), Chaos Storm (a wide-range spell), and Chaos Bolt (which damages and slows down enemies).

Victor is known for his unhealthy obsession with magical robots. his goal? To create an army of unstoppable soldiers who only obey him. And he’s willing to do whatever it takes to get there.

You’ve been searching for powerful artifacts that can help you hone your search. He was exposed to strange things during his days when he was a student at the Military Institute.

Victor was one of thousands of students who fought each other to get into Piltover’s flagship institute of higher learning: Piltover Academy.

Victor has become one of the most promising prodigies out of it. As part of them, he built several automated machines that would help him, but many of his ideas were stolen and drove him insane.

viktor arcane

As a means of revenge, he used some of his knowledge to better himself. With this power, he went to those who wronged him.

Victor’s backstory includes an unhealthy interest in magical robots, which led to his clash with Zohn’s powers and his subsequent exile from Beltover. On Zaun, he created a mechanical prosthesis that allowed him to walk again, but its constant use damaged Victor’s mind in ways unknown to him.

When you see him in the game, you will see the robotic form that Victor has taken since his transformation after he self-destructed with one of his creations: Chaos Storm.

His skills

Viktor’s signature ability is the Hex Core augmentation, whose core can be upgraded in two ways to make it more powerful and at the same time change its abilities differently.

There are four levels of Hex Core. Each level unlocks a new ability for Viktor Arcane. This idle has undergone some changes from time to time, but the core value has remained the same. You buy or get enough to upgrade, and Victor will get upgraded abilities.

Victor’s high skill cap makes him an interesting hero for advanced players who enjoy outwitting their opponents with good positioning and timing on abilities like Siphon Power or Death Ray.

In some circles, Victor is known as the “Mage Killer” due to his ability to deal large amounts of damage quickly and efficiently at close range, making Victor ideal when facing heroes of different abilities.

Victor in Arkan

Of course, we are not quite there in Arcane. All Arcane characters are on their way to becoming what they currently are in the game. And Victor is no exception. Whereas in the game we see him as half man, half machine, in Arcane we see him at a young age.

He was just getting started with Hextech and works as an assistant to Heminger, the director of the Piltover Academy. We even get glimpses of his past in Zon and some crucial connections to his interest in science.

We see the beginning of what would be his greatest enemy and friend, Jace. Over time, his opposing views on how to help people through science will tear them apart. But in Arcane, we see them working together to fuse magic and technology.

Of course Victor, being from Zun, and seeing what people are suffering from him, wants to get some solutions right away. But this plan is canceled by Heimerdinger because he doesn’t trust magic as he saw it in Rune Wars.

Victor still wanted to help, so he began performing experiments on him and even went so far as to use himself as a subject. A direct reference to what will be in the future.

As we said before, he always means well, but his solutions seem a bit extreme. He will eventually understand the price to pay for his indiscretions when the corrupters accidentally kill his assistant.

Although he is a minor character in this first season, his role could evolve because he is quite a character in the game and has a large following.

There’s a lot more we could cover from his story, but it’s interesting to try it out for yourself, so we encourage you to check it out and let us know your thoughts.


The League of Legends universe is full of interesting and unique characters, but Viktor Arcane is one of the most fleshed out. His complex background, his drive to prove himself against all odds, and his journey from human to machine make him an interesting character that stands out in a game with many different heroes.

It’s hard to tell if Victor was just a selfish and greedy person who used his powers for personal gain or was just a victim of circumstance. Either way, we can be sure that this magician is more than just an ordinary guy. He has the potential to be a great person, for good or bad.

Victor’s character is one of the most unique in the game, and his background makes us appreciate what he’s been through. His ability to overcome obstacles with his intelligence and creativity makes him a formidable teammate on any team.

Will we see Victor in the second season? It depends on what kind of personality suits you! Do you like strong characters who don’t let anything get in their way? Or do you prefer characters with more complex personalities?

If so, then Viktor Arcane might be perfect for you. We hope you enjoyed getting to know Victor and his background. We’d definitely love to see his character develop in Arcane Season 2.

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