Where do you implement SEO Keywords on your website?

SEO Keywords

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Keywords are very important in search engine optimization. If you want to boost the organic traffic coming to your website from search engines, then you need to optimize your webpage for your target keywords. But where exactly is the right place to implement these keywords? This is a question that has troubled the minds of several business owners who are new to SEO.

Keywords are like seeds, if planted in the right place they will yield fruits (Rankings), but if just thrown in the air, then you can’t expect a good harvest. Search engines make use of keywords to determine which website is the most relevant for the keyword queried. Hence, it’s an important tool for search result rankings. However, if you’re thinking you can just place your target keywords everywhere on your webpage, then you are in for a Google penalty. The wrong implementation of keywords could lead to keyword stuffing, which could harm your website. If you’re still confused about where to implement keywords on your website, then all you need to do is continue reading today’s article.

How to Properly Use Keywords

Knowing how to properly use your target keywords is very vital in search engine optimization. For new businesses and business owners, it’s best to get quality advice from reliable SEO consultants when it comes to search engine optimization, so your website doesn’t get penalized before it is even known to the general public.

To properly use keywords for SEO, you need to choose one focus keyword for each page you wish to optimize. Do not use the same focus keyword on more than one page. Each page should have its unique focus keyword. When you have the same focus keyword for several pages it’ll create what’s known as keyword cannibalization.

In addition to your chosen focus keyword, you must also select highly relevant secondary keywords distributed throughout your webpage. These keywords or phrases must be closely related to the focus keyword.

Where can I place my focus keyword?

Place your chosen focus keyword in each of the following locations:

  • Title tag
  • Meta description
  • Heading 1
  • Subheadings
  • Paragraph copy
  • Image alternative text
  • Image name
  • Anchor text of internal links

Add your secondary keywords in the following locations:

  • Within the first 200 words
  • Subheadings
  • Paragraph copy
  • Alternative text

Remember, even a perfect implementation of SEO keywords cannot make up for poor content. Always ensure your contents are of top quality.

Benefits of proper implementation of Keywords

There are quite a number of benefits you could gain when you properly implement keywords on your website. These benefits include:

  • Correct keyword placement sends strong signals to search engines about the terms you want your webpage to rank for in search results.
  • When you properly use your chosen keywords in your page content, it makes it crystal clear to users what your page is all about. It gives your visitors a high-quality user experience. Improper use of keywords will only make your content difficult to read and understand.
  • Proper keyword implementation enables every page on your website to potentially rank for a variety of search queries.
  • Proper use and implementation of keywords will attract high-quality organic traffic to your website, which converts into sales and revenue for your business.

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