When is the Appropriate Time to Replace my Water Heater

Replace my Water Heater

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Replace my water heater, Most of your home appliances might break down due to gradual wear and tear over years of usage. The same thing happens with water heaters. A number of things can make it malfunction from water tank issues to problems in key components. 

Most water heaters function well for most of their lifespan, but poor maintenance, poor repair jobs, etc. among other things could affect its performance. Many water heating systems start giving issues when they near the end of their predicted lifespan. Parts and components stop functioning well or break down. Frequent repair jobs cost a lot of money. 

If frequent repairs of the water heater unit or its parts and components cost hundreds of dollars, you could easily save on that money to buy a new unit. If you are wondering what is the right time to replace your water heater, here are some points worth noting.

1.  Frequent leaks

Many water heater parts start giving issues after long usage. If leaks and leak repairs keep troubling you, leading to heating issues and other inconveniences, the costs slowly eat into your monthly savings. 

People are often unaware of the amount of money they spend over a year or two repairing old water heaters. If this situation corresponds to yours, consult with a professional plumber for immediate water heater replacement service.

2. You often get partially hot water or no hot water

If your old water heater starts giving frequent water heating issues, routine life inconveniences increase. Often when you direly need that hot shower or warm water, your heater might have given up on you. Getting it repaired immediately is almost impossible, unless you have an expert technician at home. 

If your water heater is often not able to give you hot water unless you pour a lot of money into repairs, then it is time to consider replacing the unit. 

3. You notice rust in your water heater

Rusting is a common issue in hot water heaters when it reaches or nears the end of its lifespan. Rust around the water inlet or pressure relief valve implies the high likelihood of rust taking hold of the water tank. Get it checked by a professional and if indeed that is the case, it is best to replace the water heater. 

4. Consider the age of the water heater

If your water heater has reached its life expectancy, it can fully break down at any point, and could create many unpleasant scenarios. If you keep checks on the performance of your water heater, and know that it is nearing the end of its lifespan, start looking for a replacement.  

5. Water heater noises

After turning on your old water heater, if you hear any popping sounds or unusual sounds from your water heater, then it’s a sign of getting it replaced.

Find out about the real scenario inside the water heater tank through the services of a licensed technician. Has a heavy sediment buildup or cracks within rendered the tank in a bad condition? If yes, then consult with a professional about its replacement.

6. Cracks and holes

In case there are cracks or a tiny hole inside or outside your water tank then it is likely to break down very soon. The small cracks could easily develop into big ones and gradually cause immense damage.  

Get the heater replaced before such a situation occurs. When you need an Orange County water heater replacement service, always go for a reliable company that offers expert guidance about water heater replacement and guarantee-backed services.

7. High consumption of the power

An old water heater starts consuming a lot of energy to heat water owing to small and big issues affecting the water tank or other components. The constant repairs and increase in your energy consumption might continue for as long the water heater is not replaced. 

When old water heaters start giving more troubles, you need an Orange County water heater replacement company to check the unit and offer evidence-based sound advice. You might not need to immediately replace the unit, but the professional could let you know the exact condition of your old water heater, and how soon to replace it. 

9. Change in the color of hot water

The change in the colour of hot water is mostly attributed to rust inside the water tank. This is a sign that you need an Orange County water heater replacement service provider to inspect the water tank. If your old water heater has got a corroded tank, it is better to replace the unit. 

10. Heated body but cold water

This implies that your water heater’s body gets perfectly heated but the water which you get is not hot or warm. This is often an indication of internal damage in your water heater. Getting it replaced might be necessary. 


Different water heater products have different performance issues when the products age. Some well-maintained gas water heaters have run perfectly well for 10-12 years, while others start developing major issues within eight years. The quality of water, proper maintenance, quality services and repairs of water heater, a lot of factors contribute to the water heater’s good performance for a long time. 

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