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Preparing for the CPA exam can be a nerve-wracking experience. Fortunately for students all over the country, there are CPA Review courses that can help you navigate the CPA Exam. If you want to pass the CPA exam, you will need to be properly prepared and ready to navigate the format of the test.  So, when you purchase a CPA prep course, you should receive the following materials.


Highly-Rated Videos

The best CPA prep comes with a variety of engaging video lectures that are sure to keep you interested and help you learn the material quickly and efficiently. UWorld Roger CPA Review’s lectures are given by one of the profession’s leading accounting instructors – Roger Phillip, CPA, CGMA. Each video lecture offers short, to-the-point sessions, as well as innovative teaching tactics that help students understand complex topics with greater ease. The lectures are also formulated to stimulate higher-order thinking and they incorporate real-life scenarios.

Effective Memory Aids

Exam day can be stressful, so it is important to find a cpa prep course that includes effective mnemonic devices and memory aids to help you recall the material. These devices and aids can help you commit information to your long-term memory.

An Engaging Online Classroom

Student engagement is an important predictor of academic success. A good CPA Review course should be geared towards students from all backgrounds and it is ideal for all learning styles. The dynamic presence of the instructor ensures students feel connected and motivated the entire time.

Dynamic Quality Content

In-Depth Answer Explanations

CPA Review should come with a question bank. Question banks help students learn on a deeper level by utilizing active learning. Active learning is based on the principle that students learn by doing. Explanations should be expertly designed to engage critical thinking skills and vivid illustrations summarize even the most complex topics. 

Digital and Physical Textbooks

CPA Course packages should include eTextbooks and also come with physical textbooks. The eTextbooks are great to use if you want to use tools like highlighting, easy search, and note-taking. The physical textbooks should utilize the same streamlined content found in eTextbooks.


Find a CPA prep course that contains features that allow students to track their progress by using the most up-to-date technology to analyze data and create supported learning targets. Having good technology integrated into the CPA Review course helps students by guiding them to the right questions and building their confidence over time.

Learner-Centered Study Tools

Comprehensive Mobile App

Imagine having access to your CPA review course at all times. This would be great, and believe it or not, not all CPA Review courses come with a mobile app, so be sure to find one that does. You’ll want a comprehensive mobile app that gives you access to downloadable offline lectures, audio lectures, task-based simulations, multiple-choice questions, and more. It’s also nice if the app can also sync with the desktop version of your course, giving you access across a wide range of platforms.

CPA Exam Simulator

As implied, CPA Review courses should come with a CPA Exam Simulator. As implied, A CPA Exam simulator simulates the actual CPA exam. Students gain access to real exam questions and a realistic, life-like exam format is used.

Student Support

When you purchase a CPA Exam prep course, make sure you have access to a strong support network with excellent customer service. That way you have the support you need to pass the CPA Exam the first time. 

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