The Future Of The Internet is Web 3.0. Know What It Is?

web 3.0

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You should know that the world has not yet entered Web 3.0, and we are still using Web 2.0. Moreover, we will continue using the same for some time. The advances in cryptocurrencies and NFTs have made it necessary for new technology in the new era of the internet. Third-party organisations currently own all data available on the internet. 

The major aim of Web 3.0 is to make the internet spectrum open-source. This will allow the community to own all data, including the reels, GIFs, images, music, etc. This will help reduce data leaks, hacking, and censorship. 

What is Web 3.0?

Simply put, Web 3.0 is the third iteration or the third version of the internet. It is referred to as a collection of principles and ideologies that makes the data of the internet accessible to the creators and users. 

A Few Features of Web 3.0 are;

  • Decentralised

It is one of the main features of Web 3.0 that the entire internet will be decentralised. With this version of the internet, apps will be hosted on decentralised data networks and blockchains. It means that an app can be hosted on your decentralised network, and it will function well. 

  • Trustless and Permissionless

Blockchain is a considerable aspect of Web 3.0. A web development company uses blockchain to develop transparent and open data stores that are proven to usher in the 3rd generation of the internet. It means that anyone on the network will have the accessibility to modify and edit the data. Not a single organisation will be able to obstruct the data or show bias towards any user. 

  • Connectivity and Ubiquity

The third version will be more ubiquitous and connective. It means that the web will be present everywhere, and through smart devices, users can stay connected to the internet. The Internet of Things has already made it possible by giving us driverless cars and smartwatches. 

  • Semantic Web

Today’s internet understands syntax rules, such as grammar. Moreover, in Web 3.0, the internet will also understand the semantic rule. Web 3.0 would be able to understand human languages as well. 

What Makes Web 3.0 So Unique?

The major objective of web 3.0 is that it seeks to solve the most serious issue that is created by Web 2.0. The issue is the gathering of personal data by the private network, where the data is sold to marketers and potentially stolen by hackers. 

Web 3.0 is decentralized, meaning that no single organization owns it, and the decentralized applications are created on top of it. 

Properties of Web 3.0

Following are the four major properties of Web 3.0 that make it easy for users to know what is beneficial to use. 

  • Semantic Web

This property is one of the major elements of Web 3.0. It helps enhance online technologies by allowing the users to share, create, and connect content via search options. That said, it will have the ability to understand the meaning of words more than numbers and keywords. 

  • 3D Graphics

Websites and apps are increasingly using 3D graphics these days. They use it for eCommerce, online games, portfolio websites, and other similar tasks. 

  • Artificial Intelligence

The two cornerstones of Web 3.0 are Semantic Web and Artificial Intelligence. When this capacity is combined with natural language processing, the new iteration enables systems to comprehend material the same way people do. This helps users to meet their demands. 

  • Permissionless

Both providers and users can engage with the available content without needing permission from an organization controlling the content.  

Why Do We Need Web 3.0?

There are a few reasons why Web 2.0 is dying slowly, and the need for Web 3.0 is rising. We list some of them below; 

  • Security Breaches

The security of data of the users is a huge problem nowadays. If someday the central server gets compromised or hacked, all data stored will get leaked and stay open for changes. All of this leads to a lot of security issues and so this has given rise to the need for Web 3.0. 

  • Monetization of User’s Attention

Ever since the web was invented, it has been open to all, and everyone can freely use it. Though there was no source of revenue through it, there was only one way, online advertising. With time, users’ data is also getting monetized. The ad blocks are also used by most users these days, and companies are no longer profiting from advertising. 

  • Censorship of Data

When you post something on the internet, the content is no longer in your hands, and the content can be reused and recreated by anyone. One of the significant issues of Web 2.0 is data ownership. That said, if you post a song on Youtube, the song will be your creation, and you will be paid, no doubt, but the company will still own a significant portion. 

How Will Web 3.0 Help?

Web 3.0 exhibits some unique features, making it a must-wanted technology for today’s generation. The new internet iteration is sure to bring some changes that will help users make the most of the internet. 

  • Indestructible and Traceable Data

Since Web 3.0 is decentralized the data available exists on several blocks. When you update something, all copies of the data will get updated simultaneously. With multiple blocks, we mean that thousands and thousands of systems will store the same data. 

The data is virtually indestructible, that said, even if someone tries to erase or change the data, it will not get updated everywhere. 

  • Users Have Ownership of Data

In this feature, the concept of NFTs comes into the picture. The NFT or non-fungible tokens are tokens that cannot be replaced. The tokens represent all kinds of digital data such as memes, videos, music, drawings, etc. Digital data is stored in NFT with all ownership details. That said, no matter how many times you use the digital data or download it from anywhere, the original owner will remain the same. 

Also, the owner may be entitled to a part of the profit made every time the art is shared or downloaded. The ownership control will be simplified with all transparent and easily accessible records. 


Web 3.0 is currently a buzzword, and we hope that you must have attained an idea of what it is, its features, and how it will be helpful for the users. If you are looking to get an app developed for the newest version of the internet, we recommend hiring dedicated web developers. Even the web development companies are all excited about the new changes that will be happening in the web world. 

Web 3.0 is believed to accelerate honest and transparent use of user data. Furthermore, the web will become more interactive and immersive. 

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