What Is Pikdo App and How You can use it in Promotion and Advertisements?

pikdo app

Last Updated on September 5, 2023 by Team Experts

In terms of social networks, Pikdo app continues to reign supreme. With this site, companies can communicate with their customers and promote themselves. It has a simple but versatile user interface, like Instagram, that can perform various functions.

Users and tags can be searched via a large search bar. Below that, there is a section that includes more tags compared to the third-party viewers above. This Instagram online vieweris more targeted to general users since it doesn’t have a section that shows celebrity users or popular users.

Whether you are stalking a friend or boosting your own Instagram account, you can post here. You can view country-wise information in the top corner by choosing top accounts. The main page should include this feature so visitors can easily access it.

This is a powerful advertising and marketing tool for your firm, regardless of its size. Consumer education, brand identification, and expanding your reach are all excellent benefits of this area.

How to promote and advertise your brand?

  1. Making the most of your company page

This website can be a wonderful free marketing tool for a company. A company can showcase its product offerings and services, as well as images, articles, and links on a personalized website, giving customers a sense of their character.

These application pages give you the chance to create your brand name identity. Share Facebook photos, links, videos, anything, just as long as it is related to your company or appears interesting for your target market.

You can use Pikdo Insights to determine which messages resonate most with your target audience. Your blog posts about your shop updates should be a nice mix of humor and educational resources.

  • Advertising and Marketing

Standard Advertising Pikdo app displays its ads in the website sidebars. Industry advertisements are more specifically referred to as these traditional ads.

Those ads include a headline, a photo, and a click-through link to either a webpage on this site, an application on this site, or a website outside of this site.

You can increase your Facebook likes and clicks by incorporating this application marketing strategy into your marketing strategy.

  • Hosting Contests

Another way to increase followers and brand awareness is to run contests, sweepstakes, or promotions using the Pikdo app. You cannot run a contest on the app itself. There is no way to organize by sort, let people comment in the comments, and so on.

A third-party application must be used by organizations when creating their contest, and then the web page of the application must direct customers to the organization.

  • Content Promotion

Promoted posts in the Pikdo app allow page owners to pay a flat rate to promote a specific post to a specific audience, improving its reach and exposure.

It has frequently been asked by organizations why we should pay to make sure subscribers to our blog can see our posts. When someone likes my website, they should always see my posts on their newsfeed, shouldn’t they?

We assume individuals are glued to information feeds throughout their lives, but the answer to the questions above is no. We wish this was not true for the sake of your followers’ health and wellness!

Your fans are most likely to see your blog post if they are checking their information feed when you update it, but once the news feed is flooded with various other posts, it cannot be guaranteed they will see it. This is where you can find Promoted Posts


This was all about the pikdo app and its importance in brand promotion. Most people see this application as stalking profiles anonymously but this app is a great platform for small to large scale businesses. We hope so you have enjoyed reading this article and discover some new information as well.

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