What is paraphrasing? How does it help in Research Writing?

What is paraphrasing

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What is paraphrasing?

Paraphrasing is the use of your own words and sentence to illustrate the idea and the concept of someone else thoughts. 

While paraphrasing any sentence or phrase, you should keep in mind that the words and the sentence structure have to be different from the original material. You can easily paraphrase by using synonyms and altering the sentence structure.

Is an important skill that you should have if you want to write an exceptional research paper to end up your academic career with respect and pride without plagiarizing. 

If the paraphrasing is not done correctly and professionally, it can cause plagiarism in the research paper which will ultimately ruin your efforts. So, how can you paraphrase a research paper? 

Below are some valued tips.

How can you effectively paraphrase a research paper?

If you are finding any difficulty paraphrasing any text, be it academic or official, you can follow these basic rules. These basic rules will help you paraphrase effortlessly and quickly. 

  1. Read the original text carefully 

First of all, you have to read the actual source material attentively and thoroughly to understand the meaning of the topic. 

Once you grasp the idea behind the topic, hide the original text and try to write the concept in your own words and sentence. 

  1. Focus on key terms 

The key to paraphrasing is to focus on the main points of a research paper. Your paraphrase should be as close as possible to the original research paper and should concentrate on those key terms that are relevant to the topic you are writing about.

  1. Start paraphrasing 

Once you have identified the key terms, it’s time to start paraphrasing and using them in your own sentences. This is where you will want to take each sentence and break it down into parts (usually two or three parts). 

It helps you break down what they mean by using those key terms instead of using them directly out of context like most people would do when reading a research paper. 

You can also make use of a paraphrasing tool to take this burdensome task off your shoulder. Well, we will discuss this later in the post. So, stay tuned. 

  1. Comparison between original and paraphrased text 

This step is important. When you finished writing, compare your paragraph with the original author’s topic. Make sure there are no similar words and sentences between your topics besides the idea. Proofread your paragraphs thoroughly to avoid plagiarism.  

  1. Use in-text citation 

When writing a research paper or any other kind of academic work, it is important to cite your sources so that readers can check if what you say reflects reality or not. 

When using sources in a research paper, they should be cited using APA format so that they can be easily found online by anyone looking for them later on.

Effective paraphrasing techniques to follow 

Paraphrasing is a common technique used in academic papers, especially writing research papers, but it can also be used by anyone who wants to sound more articulate.

Effective manual paraphrasing can be done in several ways, including:

  1. Use synonyms 

When you paraphrase, use synonyms and similar expressions to show that you know the researched material well. You can use the thesaurus to look for synonyms for words. The more synonyms you use, the better it will be but, be careful not to overuse them.

Some words from the original text can still be used. So, you don’t have to completely rewrite the text, but you can replace such terms with others to give the text its own voice.

Change a term and make sure that the synonyms are exactly the same before you continue.

  1. Try rewording Technique

The rewording technique is very effective in paraphrasing because it helps you to understand the meaning of what you are reading or listening to. It helps you to be more specific in your writing by adding more details and facts about the topic. 

  1. Change the order of sentences 

You can change the order of words in a sentence without changing the main idea. If you’ve trouble finding synonyms for a word, try rearranging it in a sentence. If you change the order of words, it may be necessary to add a few more.

As a result of these changes, the following sentence now sounds correct

For sentences with multiple clauses, it’s advisable to put them in order.

You should always use the adjective in the relative clause when there’s an adjective and a noun in the main clause itself.

  1. Alter the part of the speech 

If you do not like a certain part of speech in your research paper, then you can change it with another part of speech such as an adjective or adverb. 

This will help make your sentence sounds more interesting and engaging when compared with other sentences in your essay or paper.

In this technique, the writer will conduct research on a given topic and then write a paper that presents their findings, conclusions, and recommendations based on their research.

  1. Proofreading

Proofreading is essential when using any writing technique for a research paper, but it’s especially important when paraphrasing because you’re trying to sound like someone else. 

Make sure that everything sounds natural — even if it seems awkward at first listen — before moving on to editing.

Can paraphrasing remove the plagiarism?

While paraphrasing the original text, you should consider precision and accuracy. If paraphrasing doesn’t do properly, it will lead to plagiarism. 

Therefore, you should do paraphrasing professionally by following the rules described in the above section, and proofreading the text to remove plagiarism. If your content is unique, there will be no plagiarism in your research paper.

When you finish paraphrasing, always check the plagiarism in the paper by using the plagiarism checker tool. The plagiarism checker helps you to identify the similar words and sentences present between the paraphrased and the original text that must be eliminated. 

Using an online paraphrasing tool for writing a research paper

The paraphrasing tool is an online tool to reword the original topic effectively and quickly. 

Paraphrasing the topic without using a paraphrasing tool is difficult and tedious. Without a paraphrasing tool, writing a research paper takes a lot of time. Therefore, an excellent paraphrasing tool is used to change the text of the topic by consuming less time and effort.

These are some steps you must follow while using an online paraphrasing tool for composing your research paper. 

  1. Gather the information 

Prior to writing the research paper, you have to gather as much information as you can from different sources about your research paper title. 

Now, in the world of the internet, the sources of information about any paper are really enormous. You can collect the information about your research paper from the following sources

  •  Google Scholar would be a great source to gather information
  •  By reading the related book about your research 
  •  By reading the review papers on your research
  •  You can also ask your superior to help with your research paper 
  1. Choose an excellent paraphrasing tool 

Before paraphrasing through technology, you have to choose a good paraphrasing tool. The paraphrasing tool can help you to write your research paper in minimum time and labour. Choosing a paraphrasing tool can be difficult. You should use a paraphrasing tool that is effective and easy to use. 

The chosen paraphrasing tool should have the following qualities 

  •  It should be free to use. 
  •  It should rephrase a thousand words at a time.
  •  It should increase the quality of the material.
  • The paraphrased text should not sound robotic. 
  • Upload the text 

After choosing an excellent tool, open it up and see the input where you can enter the text. It either gives you the option to enter the input in various formats; e.g. text, Doc, Docx, and pdf, or directly copy-pasting. 

Next, select the mode; 

  • Fluency 
  • Standard 
  • Creative 
  • Smarter 

Then let the tool paraphrase by clicking on ‘Paraphrase’. The tool will take a few seconds to paraphrase the context and you can also select the language before paraphrasing. 

  1. Proofreading and Edit 

After using the paraphrasing tool, you have to proofread your material and edit it. A paraphrasing tool is not always paraphrasing the context accurately. 

You have to amend the paraphrasing text to some extent. The result of the paraphrasing tool only depends on the quality of the context you put in the tool. 

Therefore you should not trust the paraphrasing tool blindly proofread it carefully and edit the results. There may be grammatical or punctuation errors etc that must be removed.

Does paraphrasing is worth using while writing a research paper?

Yes, paraphrasing is a great writing assistance tool while working on your research papers. It is a common practice in academics to compose research papers. Students are not professional writers so they always look for some help in writing. 

Right paraphrasing not only protects students from plagiarism allegations such as suspension and termination from their respective universities but also improves their writing skills. Manual paraphrasing can take a lot of time so using the right tool is the right approach to rephrase the original work creatively.

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