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Most of the freelancers ask on different platforms that what is the secret of making more money by working fewer hours. Answer to this question is that the freelancers should educate themselves. For example, if you want to become a successful web designer, you should master new designing techniques. To master new designing techniques, you will have to take courses. Moreover, you will have to invest in different resources. If you want to level up as a website designer, you don’t need to worry about it. Lots of free resources are available that will be helpful to you to level up as a website designer. Here, we will discuss five free resources to level up as a website designer.

UI Design Elements:

As a web designer, you should know that the success of your business depends upon the type of your website. If your website is unable to navigate or difficult to use, your website will lose potential customers. These potential customers will show interest in your competitor’s website. To stop the visitors from visiting your competitor’s website, you will have to make sure the best design of your website. The best way to make your website user-friendly, you should make use of UI Design Elements. This is the best resource for website designers to accomplish their business goals. By using this resource, you can ensure the simple navigation of your website. You can also make your website simple to use for the visitors. The website designers can also seek how to keep the design of their websites consistent with the layout of the websites. You can also learn how to utilize multiple elements to display content on the website. The website designers can also learn how to make their website user-friendly.


As we have discussed earlier that if you want to level up as a web designer, you will have to get an education. If you are going to take website designing courses from a university or any other institution, you will have to spend the hundreds of dollars. All the website designers can’t afford these courses. They should not worry about it because edX is here for their assistance. This resource was created by Harvard and MIT. Main aim behind the creation of this resource was to provide university-level courses to all the students. The students can enrol themselves in their courses from around the world. On this platform, the website designers can get certified courses free. The website designers can get courses in different categories. After taking courses from this resource, you can easily get success in the freelancing field. On this platform, the websites designers can take basic website designing courses. After taking these basic website designing courses, they can create beautiful interfaces of their websites. Along with these basic website designing courses, they can also take technical courses too. In these technical courses, there comes AI, IoT and cybersecurity etc. You can also learn web development and web coding on this platform.


Almost all the website designers are familiar with YouTube. We are using YouTube to watch entertaining videos. As recommended by a dissertation help firm, you can also use it to seek website designing along with watching entertaining videos. On YouTube, you will find lots of channels that are teaching website designing to the users. To watch these videos, you don’t need to pay even a penny. Its reason is that YouTube is providing a free platform to upload and watch videos. When you are watching the videos on a specific channel on YouTube, it means that you are following the methods of this channel. Before following any channel on YouTube, you should make sure about its credibility. For example, Flux is the most authentic channel on YouTube to learn website designing. This is the best channel on YouTube to learn website designing and getting started your career as a freelancer. CharlieMarieTV is also one of the most popular channels on YouTube to learn website designing. Along with uploading the website designing courses, they are also uploading videos for the career paths of the web developers. NNgroup is also one of the best channels to learn website designing on YouTube.

Web Icons:

As we know that icons are playing a major role in the creation of a website. Therefore, it is also the best platform for website designers. The website designers can get an idea of how to properly use these icons to enhance the authenticity of a website. While using this resource to learn website designing, you will learn how to use these icons to enhance the authenticity of the content of your website. You can also learn how to use these icons to provide context to the content of your website. The website designers learn how to use these icons to enhance the layout of a website. You can also learn how to use these icons to create buttons on your website for quick navigation. The website designers also learn how to use these icons to differentiate their brand from others.

Envato Tuts+:

If you don’t have enough idea about website designing and you want to learn it from the basic level, this is the best resource for you. They are providing a free resource to learn website designing from the basic level. For this reason, they have shared step by step design and development tutorials. They have also included a new section of the video courses. If you don’t understand anything by reading their web posts, you can watch these video tutorials. Anyhow, this is not the best tool to learn soft skills regarding website designing. If you want to master website designing techniques, this is the best tool for you. Along with website designing, you can also get command over other things by using this free resource. You can learn CSS, HTML and JavaScript. This is the best tool to learn Adobe’s suite of software. You will also find all the tutorials relevant to WordPress. By watching video tutorials, you can easily build a website on WordPress. You can also master the video conferring tools by watching their tutorials.

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