How can a Virtual Data Entry Assistant Boost Your Sales on Amazon

Virtual Data Entry Assistant

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Amazon is a perfect market to begin your entrepreneurial journey as an online vendor. It caters to a large number of online customers from different niche segments. But, every seller does not succeed on Amazon. It is because of the work-distribution failure and multi-tasking beyond limits. 

If you are the owner of an online shop, then you need to visualize the growth strategy and carry out operations accordingly. Apart from this, you need time to analyze product responses, brainstorm inventory challenges, and review the loopholes in customer service. But, when you decide to keep most of the operations in your hand, it eventually becomes chaotic and results in failures.

This is where virtual data entry assistants come into the picture. Hiring a team in-house can prove to be a costly affair. Taking help from professionals working remotely is a smarter solution. 

Hiring virtual assistants for data entry can help you focus on core responsibilities. Let’s discuss how they help in better management of your Amazon store.

What can a Virtual Data Entry Assistant Do for You?

Several administrative tasks can be outsourced to an experienced virtual data entry assistant. Some of them are as follows:

Data Entry for Amazon

Data entry is a basic administrative task; outsourcing it can save a lot of time. Virtual assistants can easily manage multiple Amazon data entry tasks, from filling in customer details on spreadsheets meant for internal usage to creating product listings or Amazon product variations by uploading appropriate data. Doing these tasks yourself can take up a lot of time and energy. This data needs to be accurate, as typos and missing information can have dire consequences. A VA will help you manage the time and maintain accuracy. 


Amazon virtual assistants can help you with basic account-keeping tasks. They won’t be the right choice for tax and other calculations unless you hire VAs with such specific specialties; if you do, you can assign complicated bookkeeping needs to them. Virtual assistants ensure the smooth functioning of your account via the use of accounting software such as A2X and XERO.


Backlinks help bring traffic to your website, though it requires time and effort. However, if you have hired an Amazon virtual assistant, they can also help you with this task. They are experts in building links that can bring traffic to you, whether it is through directory submissions or blog postings. Amazon VAs can also analyze competitors’ backlink strategies to get you an edge over them.

Image Editing

Product photos play a crucial role in increasing sales on Amazon. If your listing lacks high-quality images, it may fail to convert leads from traffic into sales. Engaging a virtual data entry assistant saves your expense on hiring editors for product images. They are experts in editing software like Photoshop, Canva, and Picsart. Moreover, they are experienced in creating perfect image catalogs with clear backgrounds, lighting, and color contrasts. Amazon virtual data entry assistants can perform the following image editing tasks:

  • Background removal
  • Image color correction
  • Photo masking
  • Post processing 
  • Perspective correction
  • Noise reduction
  • Add/remove objects
  • Add/remove texts

Customer Service

Customer service is a crucial department for Amazon sellers. Factors like seller ratings, ranking, and brand image depend on it. Virtual data entry assistants can handle customer complaints and responses according to professional standards. They can request feedback and manage refunds/returns for your Amazon store.

Social Media Management

You should look for methods to maintain brand image and community building when selling on Amazon. It helps instill trust among consumers. If you hire Amazon virtual assistants, they can help manage your social media accounts. Tasks like interacting with customers through chatbox, reaching out to prospective buyers, posting content, sharing posts, and scheduling posts can be easily handled by virtual assistants. They can also be assigned follow-up and marketing tasks like reviews and feedback sourcing.

Keyword Research

Amazon stores need regular keyword updates and analysis. Virtual data entry assistants can be assigned the task of SEO optimization and keyword research. It is important to rank on Amazon search. Virtual assistants research and analyze competitors to find the best-suiting keywords to help your product listings rank high on search results.


Amazon store management is a complex task. Sellers need to opt for ways for smarter management of operations that can save time and investment. Outsourcing to Amazon data entry assistants is an intelligent option that provides sellers with trained professionals. Hiring a team in-house involves investment in training, salary, and other perks. Outsourcing also saves you from infrastructure and technology expenses.

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