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Your website deserves the quality; after all, it promotes you 24/7 and ensures that your customers will come to you & always remember your brand whenever they need any product and service. But do you know which is the foundation of a successful website? It is the user testing that requires a lot of hard work and efforts from the testing team while eliminating the bugs from the website’s design, which the designing & developing team may leave during coding. In case of not solving the website’s issues, your users can get a bad experience and if everything is not sought out in terms of testing before the final release of the product or an application.

Do You Want to Become Rich With a Good Website? Let’s Check-out the review of User Testing and understand how this field gives benefits to user testing companies and how their employees become successful in their profession and earn lucrative income.

User Testing: The Brilliant Strategy to Satisfy Customers With Websites or Products

So, the name ‘User Testing’ called Usability Testing or UX Testing (User-based Testing) is a non-functional strategy or technique that helps evaluate how quickly end-users understand the application or the website or the product.

It is the process in which real users test the functions and the interface of the product, web apps, or services and perform particular tasks in the real-world. It is the only key that gives ease to software testing companies to satisfy customers with websites or products. With usability tests, one can be sure that the product is ready for launch and for impressing the real users. It also ensures that from seniors to juniors, if everyone does not even know how to use the system and are not much knowledgeable, still the usability testing brings confidence in companies and business owners that the people can efficiently use the app without taking any tuition or without investing any money on the learning.

It is the testing of a minimum viable product (MPV), prototype, or features of the website performed by the actual users to fix the issues whatever is detected at the earlier stages of the designing and developing process and before publishing the product/app to market.

Before starting the usability testing process, various steps are performed by the employees of the user testing company that you can check below:


Planning is important both professionally and personally because it helps professionals achieve their goals in the right way and fulfill customers’ expectations. Moreover, it allows us to utilize the time and resources better and decide who is performing the particular testing, and assure how the mission will complete.

For the website’s user testing, companies first create a test plan that you can understand as a document of user testing scope and activities. The initialization of any product/website/software/project is done through planning.

During this phase, test teams understand the critical features that need to be tested, the tasks are distributed in the entire team, the test environment, test tools, test design techniques, and many more doubts are cleared to save time and complete the project on-time.

Participants Selection

Software testing is chosen by the younger generation today due to the excellent salary packages in IT companies and the chances of learning many more things. But, when it comes to implementing the user tests or giving the user-based testing service to big blue-chip companies for their websites, many well-experienced testers sometimes fail while offering an incredible experience to users.

Due to this, selecting proficient participants are essential for user testing because if it is done by the wrong or unprofessional person, then one can expect a huge loss in the startup business. One should choose those participants who have a knowledge of representing the end-users or your target group. Who should know how users will impress and how they will be ready to buy the product or opt for the service just looking at the website design.

We always heard the popular sayings, “The first impression is the last impression”, and many of you may agree with the statement that you get one chance to impress your customers. If you fail, then there is no guarantee that they will visit your online store or trust you for the service and product. Therefore, always select the best user testers for the website testing or product’s testing, the one who has the dedication to make the website’s design flawless and one who knows the tactics of user testing and ensure to business owners that the conversion rate will automatically improve by 78 to 79% after getting the first user test.

Conduct Testing

It is incredibly challenging to measure and evaluate the system, especially if any person is new in the software testing field. In the beginning, you need to decide what usability testing technique is suitable for you based on the research goals you want to accomplish, the resources you want to use, the budget you want to spend, and the audience you want to test at a particular location.

Such types of testing help people earn more money because, in the digital era, every customer shop online and demands faster on-demand service. Moreover, it is simple to get real-time feedback from real customers just because of this test and its ability to deliver the accurate results.

Results Analysis

After finishing the usability testing sessions, companies evaluate the findings and extract the data based on the results which they got from the real-time implementation and analyze it properly to give improvement suggestions to customers. Furthermore, the website data is analyzed through two ways one is through quantitative data analysis, and another way is through qualitative data analysis.

Quantitative Data Analysis

In this case, hard numbers are extracted from the data like statistics and rankings to analyze where the major problems occur on your website. Quantitative data metrics for user-based testing involve the following things:

  • Success Rate: Success rate means what percentage of assigned tasks are completed by the users in the testing group.
  • Satisfaction Rankings: It means how many average users you satisfy from the test and what improvement you imagine after spending money on the user or usability testing.
  • Error Rate: Knowing the percentage of users that encountered or made similar errors.
  • Exact Time to Complete Task: Understanding the average time which the particular user takes to complete the given tasks or activities.

Qualitative Data Analysis

It is the crucial activity that helps understand why the particular issues happen on the website or the reasons for poor users’ experience. It also allows you to get a solution, which means you will be able to recognize the strategies for fixing the issues. The proper insights you can get from the data to enhance the usability and improve the website’s condition. As in usability testing, everything is performed in a systematic approach. Thus, for analyzing data in a qualitative way, there are some steps that one needs to follow to obtain accurate results.

  • Sorting the data in spreadsheets for grouping some tasks together. It will provide you a brief idea for analyzing how many users have experienced similar problems when running the specific feature on the website or an application. To identify recurring issues, one needs to check for patterns and count the numbers in which data is repeated.
  • The step is to tally the issues and create a list of problems you experience while testing the website or performing the data analysis. For example, – the error is always shown on the website when users enter their account details or make payment through online apps. If the same problem occurs repeatedly, then the company expects an issue on the website that requires it to be resolved. Otherwise, hacking chances can increase.
  • To acquire the benefits of website usability testing, several results are used to enhance the site’s performance and usability. Other than that, statistics and feedback are compared to deliver the highest success rates. It ensures that the changes are done, and no bugs are left on the website.

How do Companies Work for User Testing?

If you are a reputed software testing company, you may first visit any people’s website randomly and try to comment on their blogs for offering the trial period of your testing services. Or, you can also fill up a form with some business details of your company like contact number, company number, work email id, number of employees, and country to help the individuals or business owners know that that you provide one of the best and cost-effective services of user testing and try to convince them that you can brilliantly perform the user testing on their web app or websites.

Based on the business use cases, one can help companies know about their target customers and even assist them in understanding the insights of the user’s experience. Additionally, one can get feedback and collect both positive and negative points on user experience. It assists you in receiving answers and immense knowledge regarding product development. Everyone in the team increases their knowledge whatever is shared on the concept of user-based testing. This type of activity gives benefits to the company’s customers and makes the organization itself smarter in every way.

The advantage of using the latest testing trends in the mobile-first world is every organization uses the best usability tools such as Otimizely, Five Second Test, Usabilla, Crazy Egg, Qualaroo, UserFeel, TryMyUI, Feedback Army to identify the usability issues and enhance the app’s design or the user interface of the website.

How do Testers Feel More Joyful While Doing User Testing?

User Testing or usability testing fills testers with enjoyment when they get an online shopping website because there are many more things to learn during the testing. Testers prepare some general test cases and execute them one by one to produce the results in real-time.

Check-out the usability goals that testers have for usability testing:

  • Evaluate user’s satisfaction with the website’s interface. For example, the front view design should be unique and eye-catching because it is the only thing that attracts users the first time and makes them comfortable to stay on the web pages for more than half an hour, an hour, or two hours.
  • Explore the possible weaknesses and in the product and fix them ASAP.
  • Identify whether users are happy with the interface and feel bored while looking at the website.
  • Discover the features that users like the most on the website.
  • Taking care of customer’s feedback and giving them a priority for product improvement. 
  • Make additional changes and improve the website for boosting customer retention.
  • Communicate with clients and discuss with them what else they want from the organization to improve their sites. You can even ask how they feel to see so many users or traffic on the website.

What Salaries Can You Earn as a Usability Tester?

When it comes to earning income with usability testing, there is no bar for talented candidates. The more you have the talent to shine in your career, the more money you can expect from your organization. As per Glassdoor, a usability tester in the Chennai, India area earns Rs. 25,000 per month. However, software quality assurance engineers and testers make Rs. 9,00,000 per year in the Bengaluru area. But this is a rough example because it is difficult to predict professionals’ salaries if they are very hard-working, passionate, and diligent in their field. It can vary as per different companies where the people work as a usability tester, manual tester, or automation tester. Still, anyone interested in entering this line can easily earn more money as a regular employee or a freelancer.

Tips to Become a Website Tester or Usability Tester

  • Visit
  • Take tests whenever you’re ready.
  • Check the selection criteria.
  • Prepare from Youtube, Tutorials, PDfs, and join any e-learning course for software testing.
  • After acquiring some knowledge or certification, you can get a chance to earn from $10 for each 20-minute test. You can try other software testing companies in India and worldwide to earn faster and make a successful career.
  • Improve your communication skills and talk as much as you can with the professionals.
  • Stay Active on Linkedin and other accounts to know about the latest trends and technologies.
  • Prepare your resume once you’re done with your learning and give interviews to get placed in the trustworthy software testing company.
  • Never lose your hope because you never know what your knowledge and tomorrow may bring.
  • Lastly, all the best to you for building a rewarding career or becoming a pro at your workplace with user testing.

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