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Pentesting of the past usually happens at the end of the testing cycle. This late testing often caused the results to be outdated and often did not allow for proper handling. While these types of results are always useful, they could be utilized better if received in a more continuous flow of information. This need caused users to explore PtaaS, which allows automation technology and cloud computing to deliver real-time and constant testing with reliable results. PtaaS is a delivery platform that enables the user to have more testing capabilities. These platforms are often scalable to meet the needs of any business.

What To Expect From a PtaaS Vendor

When you explore PtaaS options, it is reasonable that you would want to know what a vendor can provide to you. They can be a resource for efforts that require validation and remediation. They can provide a knowledge base to help mitigate security concerns. They can provide support from white hat testers. But, perhaps most importantly, they are valuable resources for searching for and finding vulnerabilities. 

Benefits of PtaaS

When you utilize a vendor for PtaaS, it can help reduce your costs. You may not need to have someone on staff as an employee to handle the testing. When you pay a monthly rate, it creates a regular and expected expense. PtaaS is a continuous service with continual delivery. There is no need for approvals or extra steps taken in the testing process. It is ongoing, and there are no stoppages that can cause delays in development. While the monitoring and testing happen continuously, it can be scoped based on individual needs. The initial engagements include an initial check of all networks, web applications, and hosts. In addition to searching for vulnerabilities, this gives a baseline to determine how much monitoring is actually needed for your company. No two companies are the same, and they will not require some monitoring plan. The monitoring also can check for changes and new areas of concern in existing and new services. 

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