A Guide to Dump Truck Camera Solutions

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Dump trucks go around residential areas collecting garbage every week. Since they are big, they have extremely dangerous blind spots, which increases their chances of causing accidents while reversing, changing lanes, or parking. Pedestrians (especially kids), cyclists, parked vehicles, and other road users are not safe unless the dump truck driver is extremely careful and aware of what is happening around the truck. The use of a dump truck camera and other safety solutions can change all this. So, if you operate a fleet of dump trucks, this guide will be invaluable to you. It examines dump truck camera solutions and everything you need to know about them.

Types of Dump Truck Camera Solutions

·       Tracking camera – When people talk about a dump truck camera, what comes to mind is probably a dashcam that records footage of the road ahead. But dashcams now do more than this; they are connected to a GPS tracker so that the fleet managers can see what is happening and at the same time know the location. When used in dump trucks, they increase accountability in case of an accident.

·       Side view camera – Instead of using side mirrors, a dump truck camera solution may include cameras that are more accurate and can be split to cover all blind spots. The driver can see more than the side of the large garbage truck by just looking at the side screens, thus enhancing safe driving.

·       Backup camera – For dump trucks, backup cameras are very important. It would be best for any truck to have them as they assist in seeing what is behind the truck during parking and reversing. Advanced dump truck camera solutions from Eyeride even have sensors that make them perfect for this challenge.

How to Buy Dump Truck Camera Systems

Buying a dump truck camera system is not as easy as one would think. Many factors come into play, which is why you need to do some detailed research or consult with an expert. While doing this, consider all your needs.

All features of the dump truck camera should address your current challenges. Such features should include a GPS tracking system, high-resolution footage, ample storage, internet connectivity, and reliability. A versatile camera would be best for your dump trucks. For example, a dashcam with front and cabin views or a side camera that can give up to four views are popular options.

Lastly, ensure that you buy your cameras from a reliable seller to guarantee high-quality products and a good value for your money. With detailed research, it is easy to find such a seller online. And the best thing is that most can install the dump truck camera in your vehicles or recommend the best person to do this in your region.


Whether you are new to dump truck camera solutions or want to upgrade your current camera, you can rely on the above guide. The bottom line is getting dump camera solutions that will add value to your fleet and increase safety.  

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