How To Troubleshoot Xbox

Troubleshoot Xbox

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Imagine this, You are standing in the middle of a deserted island, and all you have in your mind is to find that coveted ancient treasure that has been the goal of your life while enjoying this exhilarating and excoriating heat in this desert in the far west when suddenly all you can see is a black screen, and this Is the moment where you realize Alas reality is often disappointing as you look at your Xbox which is malfunctioning. We all have faced that feeling whenever our old and trusty Xbox refuses to function correctly, and all we do is blindly smash our Xbox with desperation in the hope for a miracle to happen. Instead of making our Xbox suffer the rage of the blind rage, what we can do is possibly try to find a solution. This article will assist you in learning more deeply about the subject.

The first and foremost thing for troubleshooting your Xbox is recognizing the source of the problem.

Some suggested items that you can do are –

  • Make sure you try and plug your Xbox into a different power supply considering a faulty power supply cause be the root cause of the problem. 
  • Check the power supply light on your Xbox; if the light is still visible, but your console is not working, then a faulty motherboard is a cause. 
  • Try replacing the power and HDMI cables if you think faulty wires are the case.

It is always vital to figure out the problems your Xbox has related to performance issues—doing a time-to-time routine check by yourself or taking a professional’s help.

Here are a few most common performance issues in Xbox are –

  • The disk drive is not working correctly -If you hear a loud and unpleasant noise from the disk drive, the disk drive most likely has been damaged and needs service. Cleaning it with either a cloth or spray can help wipe off the dust molecules that cause it to jam the disk drive. 
  • No display on your T.V screen – No show means either there is a faulty HDMI cable or the HDMI jack of your XBOX is damaged. You should first try using another HDMI cable; if that doesn’t work, then trying on another T.V screen might also help as older versions have compatibility issues.
  • Xbox overheating is one of the hottest topics in the gaming community. Many people face this overheating issue, and new and strange cases have been reported by people from time to time. Generally, overheating of any device is co-related with its fan, so it might be time for the faulty fan to be replaced.
  • Software problems-Have a laggy framerate or a slower download rate than Nokia 3310? Time for a hard reset 

Some of the steps that we can take to keep our Xbox working for more extended periods are –

  1. Ventilation is the most critical factor that helps keep the performance of the XBOX intact; keeping it well ventilated is always advised. Giving frequent shut down to your Xbox is necessary to prevent over-heating and restore the overall temperature of the console. 
  2.  Never, in any circumstance, use pirated or copied games; there is a high chance that these cheap copies of the AAA plus titles have virus-infected that are ready to infest your Xbox with malware. 
  3. Having an Xbox cooler is always an add-on that people can buy to ensure smooth performance over long periods without worrying about over-heating.
  4. Updating your software to the latest version is best to keep the console up to date, and it also prevents performance issues, and updating also causes a performance reset. People have reported new and strange cases 
  5. Always change the batteries from time to time used in the Xbox controllers, and always keep a fresh pair of batteries with you.

While Xbox maybe faces fierce competition from its counterpart PlayStation, but Xbox has cemented its legacy as one of the veteran gaming consoles that are durable and have been seen to last for a decade. Its uniqueness and adaptiveness are unparalleled, which, though they have a lot of bugs and issues, is usually worth picking up if you are looking for a smooth and pleasing experience.

That being said, keep your Xbox in perfect health and ‘’POWER YOUR DREAMS.”

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