5 Top Web App Frameworks to Use

Web App Frameworks

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Web applications are growing popular, considering their importance in offering more accessibility and convenience to the users. Hootsuite, Flikr, and Evernote are some of the popular web apps that have been designed to cater to growing needs. Here we discuss about top web app frameworks to use.

Developing a custom web application from scratch can be time-consuming. As, it involves several phases, and each one can prove to be challenging. However, there is one way to ease the process, and that is by using web development frameworks. 

Several easy-to-use and practically powerful web development frameworks are inching for attention in the slightly competitive market. During the research, ensure that the framework offers all the required solutions and provides the essential libraries to build your code.

Here is a list of top web development frameworks to consider when planning for web application development. Choosing the right framework will help you design & develop your application, and maximize your website visibility. 

Top Web Development Frameworks

Check out the following list of top web development frameworks. 

1. Laravel

This popular PHP-based web app development framework provides developers with straightforward, readable, and maintainable syntax. The framework uses the MVC architecture, and the inherent features ensure that it enhances the developer’s experience while coding an application. You can build both Monolith and full-stack applications with the laravel framework

Laravel’s ORM provides developers with features to easily query rendering, database abstraction, and data updates without any issues. MySQL and Postgre can easily be combined with Laravel.

Whether security or authentication, Laravel ranks high with every little aspect of backend communication to make user interfaces friendly and reliable. With exceptional server-side rendering and dependency injection, it is your go-to platform for web development. 

2. Angular.JS

When it comes to choosing web development frameworks for your next application, JavaScript frameworks hold high levels of attention. Angular is ranked high among the different JS frameworks as an interactive and intuitive frontend development platform. 

Popular businesses like Microsoft and PayPal have built their applications using this framework. The newer version no longer carries JS and uses TypeScript as the programming language. With this framework, you can create accessible and user-friendly client-side applications. The web framework is built to create dynamic and highly functional pages that meet your user’s requirements.

This framework also uses the MVC architecture (Model-View-Controller) helping to deliver maintainable and well-organized code blocks. Using MVC architecture, the framework allows the development of build-to-test models, thus accelerating the time-to-market. The flip side to using this framework is the steep learning curve.

3. NodeJS

This JavaScript-powered runtime environment was built using the V8 engine to develop frontend and backend applications. Use this framework to deliver app solutions across Linux, macOS, Windows, and other operating systems.

You can choose to use it as a full-stack development environment or plan to deliver the frontend with this technology. 

Since it is built using the V8 engine, it makes the applications highly functional and renders fast performance. You don’t need to be inside the browser to write the runtime code; this flexibility allows developers to code faster and maintain them more efficiently.

The most significant advantage of this framework is the support system that works in the form of contributors. You are never stuck with your coding, as you will always have someone helping with the issue.

Lastly, being an open-source coding platform, it is available for free, thus making web development cost-efficient. 

4. Ruby on Rails

If you plan a high-speed application for your business, Ruby on Rails will be the perfect framework. The communication and query rendering is fast, which leads to high-performing solutions. As a result, it improves the overall speed and ensures that the customers don’t have to wait for the application to load.

It is one of the best frameworks for applications comprising a heavy database, to ensure optimum quality and performance. Web applications like Basecamp, GitHub, Hulu, and Airbnb have built their apps using the Ruby on Rails framework.

You can easily maintain the live pages using this framework through WebSockets. It also offers extensive cloud-driven solutions that make data storing, retrieving, and accessing easy. 

5. Django

This Python-based framework is one of the exclusive web application frameworks you cannot miss from this list. It is used to develop high-performing and dynamic web applications for the business. As it is a Python framework, it is still relevant in 2022. The reusable components, don’t repeat yourself philosophy and MVC architecture makes it one of the most acceptable frameworks for your requirements. 

The best part about using this framework is the security it offers. The application framework ensures proper authentication, role-based access, and a risk-free security strategy that enhances the application usage and removes the vulnerabilities. 


These frameworks top the list of useful, high-performing, and usable application development tools that increase development speed. With the inherent tools and libraries, you can quickly build applications and accelerate the time-to-market. They already have the structure, coding methodology, and ground philosophy that makes it easier for you to create reusable and clean codes that are easy to maintain.

As discussed, you should have a complete list of your requirements and what you aim to achieve from the web application framework. Choosing the framework can be easy once you are clear of the goals. 

Suppose you want to maximize the outcome with the framework. In that case, you should partner with a good software developer or company that can help convert your vision with their understanding and expertise. 

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