Top Career Options That Require Microsoft Excel Skills

Microsoft Excel Skills

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MS Excel is a powerful tool used for accounting and analytical functions. In this age of computing dominance, mastery of MS Excel can help you shape your career. According to data, more than 70% of jobs require Excel skills or at least some experience of using the spreadsheet. Certified Excel Skills can even increase your earning potential by more than 13%. Interestingly, there are many job opportunities if you learn Excel alone. In case, you want to shape your career from the beginning or want to upscale your earning, Excel Skills might be the solution. Learning MS Excel can open doors to many job opportunities like Accountants, Retail Manager, Clerk, etc. Here are the career options you can explore once you learn Microsoft Excel Skills.

Career Opportunities After learning Microsoft Excel

  • Accountants: Apart from the College Degree, an accountant needs to have MS Excel Skills. An experience of MS Excel is a must for accountants as they have to deal with great chunks of data on a daily basis. As an accountant, you might have to work with different financial statements and work on cash flows, etc. Managing and organizing this much data would be a herculean task if you don’t know MS Excel properly. Apart from basic calculating operations, you might be required to perform complex formatting functions. Be prepared for advanced Excel questions like how to use the indirect function in excel, how to create graphs and tables, how to use conditional formatting, etc in your accountant interview.
  • Retail Manager: If you acquire the MS Excel skills, chances are really high that you can easily get through with jobs like Retail Manager, Billing Manager, etc. These jobs require managing a huge amount of data like salaries of employees, vacation count, sales records, and inventories, etc. You might not need to be an expert in MS Excel for these jobs but you should know the basics like how to divide values in excel, how to add, multiply or subtract values, etc. However, if you know the advanced Excel operations like Conditional Formatting, Vlookup, Paste special, etc, you might get an edge over other candidates.
  • Management Information Executive: Management Information Executives are usually assigned tasks like keeping a record of day to day activities, creating monthly/quarterly/yearly reports and calendars, and keeping the track of work progress. MIS Executives have to deal with a huge amount of data regularly so they require Advance Excel Skills. They need to perform the actions like sorting, filtering, and organizing data. An MIS Executive should have a great command of formulas and advance Excel Features.
  • Project managers: Project Managers are required to perform various data sorting tasks like maintaining vendor lists, keeping track of daily progress, maintaining financial records, and creating reports. All of these functions need high Excel Skills to be performed effectively and efficiently. These huge chunks of data are used by companies to analyze their growth in the long run. So, the project managers have to be always on their toes with data management. Hence, the knowledge of Advance Excel can widen your scope of becoming a project manager in an esteemed organization.
  • Other Job Opportunities: Learning Excel Skills can open many other doors for shaping your career. Few of the other job opportunities that come with Excel learning include Marketing Research Analyst, Administrative Assistants, Cost Estimator, Financial Analysts, Business Analysts, Clerical Jobs, Data journalist, etc. These opportunities are just the tip of the pie, there are tons of other opportunities as well like Data Entry Jobs, etc. In fact, almost every job requires Excel Skills in one form or the other.

MS Excel is an efficacious tool for accounting, graphing, classifying, and sorting data. MS Excel can open the doors of various job opportunities for you. Even if you are not looking for new jobs, you can learn Excel to upgrade your career or increase your earning potential.

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