4 Tips to Rekindle Post-Pregnancy Passion

Rekindle Post-Pregnancy Passion
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Congratulations on the arrival of your precious baby! As you gaze affectionately at their innocent face, it might strike you as incredible how your sexual life has also undergone a transformation, though perhaps not in the way you anticipated.

Let me reassure you that it’s entirely natural for your sexual activity to experience a downturn after almost a year of pregnancy and childbirth. Between sleep deprivation, the healing process of your vulva and abdomen, and the hormonal shifts taking place in your body, it’s almost as if a gigantic “STOP” sign has been put up, urging you to temporarily step away from intimacy. These hormonal changes are putting the brakes on your pre-pregnancy hormone levels for a while.

But fret not – your sexual desire will make a comeback, especially as you gradually wean your baby off breastfeeding (assuming you chose to breastfeed; no judgment if not, as it can be quite uncomfortable for some). Around the six-month mark, the hormone prolactin peaks, driving the demand for milk to stabilize and easing the hunger that characterized their early growth phases. However, since prolactin is also responsible for dampening your more passionate, sex-driven hormones, it’s common for sexual activity to ebb and flow during the first six months of your baby’s life. Rest assured, this is completely normal.

Given that half a year can feel quite lengthy, you might be pondering how to maintain intimacy with your partner during this time and what lies ahead as you regain your pre-pregnancy self. To address this, here are four innovative ideas to add a spark to your intimate life during this distinctive chapter of your life:

Plan a Date Night

Let’s face it: immediately after welcoming your baby, sleep might become more enticing than sexual activity. So, what could be the most caring and romantic gesture your partner could offer? Arrange for a babysitter to allow you a precious few hours of uninterrupted rest. Then, keep the babysitter on hand while both of you relish in a well-deserved date night.

While the term “sex life” usually invokes thoughts of physical intimacy, particularly touch, your post-baby date night might not center around extensive physical contact. This is especially true if you’re nursing and already experiencing a sense of being “touched out” due to constant baby care. Instead, consider captivating your mind.

Plan a Date Night

Prioritize Self-Care and Pleasure

Around the six-month mark, many women find their menstrual cycle returning after childbirth – a gentle signal from nature that your body is gradually transitioning back to fertility. During this phase, partnered sexual activities might not be your immediate focus, but solo pleasure? It’s certainly on the table.

Here’s a fantastic perk of self-exploration: it aids in toning your pelvic floor muscles, which have undergone significant changes during pregnancy. And what better way to engage them than through achieving an orgasm? (Consider it a prescription from your friendly “doctor” with a wink.) To this end, I recommend exploring the inya rose toy, a clitoral vibrator designed to delight. The fact that it’s waterproof adds to the allure. Envision this scenario: a serene, rejuvenating bubble bath while you embark on a journey of self-pleasure and relaxation. The beauty doesn’t end there – as you embrace the transition to partnered intimacy, you can incorporate the inya into the experience.

Explore Mutual Masturbation

In my opinion, mutual masturbation is an underrated gem in the realm of sexual activities – and it happens to be an ideal choice for this specific phase. Why, you ask? Because it’s all about experiencing orgasms without necessitating penetration.

As your vulva tissues gradually return to their pre-pregnancy state, it’s completely normal for traditional intercourse to feel somewhat uncomfortable. This is where mutual masturbation steps in as a delightful solution, allowing you and your partner to revel in pleasure without putting unnecessary strain on your sensitive areas. What’s more, it offers an incredibly intimate experience – and can even introduce an element of novelty if mutual masturbation hasn’t been explored in your relationship before. And fear not, you just go for it and the experience is absolutely beyond your imagination.

Explore Doggy Style

Let’s have an honest conversation about post-pregnancy sex positions: prioritize the one that offers the utmost comfort. For many vulva owners, however, doggy style often emerges as a preferred choice when the prospect of sexual activity reenters the picture.

Consider it from this perspective: as your libido begins to revive, the doggy style position opens the door to power play, rekindling the sense of “naughtiness” that may have taken a back seat while you were birthing a new baby. It’s worth noting that penetration can be another sensitive topic for penis owners – perhaps related to performance – but there is a solution. Time delay sprays can gently desensitize the nerve endings in the penis, thereby prolonging intercourse for as long as you want.

After childbirth, there’s a phase of questioning whether the desire for sex will ever return. I assure you, it will. As your hormones find their equilibrium, consider these suggestions to nurture your sexual connection. And when the time aligns, you’ll warmly welcome back your authentic, sexually empowered self – the very essence that initially brought forth the miracle of new life.

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