Tips to Choosing the Best Available Weber Spirit Grill Cover

Weber Spirit Grill Cover

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If you have bought a premium Weber grill, then you may be looking for the best ways to protect it. A generic cover may not be ideal for protecting your pricey possession, so you should consider getting a good quality cover in order to ensure the best fit and optimum coverage. Here, we will discuss a few things to consider while you look for a good quality grill cover and when to consider a third-party grill cover.

Using a grill cover to offer extended life to your grill

The primary advice you get from experts is to get a good Weber Spirit grill cover, which will keep your grill optimally performing for years. You must also cover your grill each time after use once it is cooled down well. Some people think that grill covers may cause rusting of the grill parts, which is not true. Weber grills are made of good quality stainless steel, which can be kept covered with a good quality cover that will not allow moisturization inside the cover. In fact, the stainless-steel grills should be kept well covered to protect them from lawn pesticides and other chemical agents, which may cause damage.

Consideration to make while buying Weber spirit grill covers

At the first point, avoid any flannel-lined or felt-lined grill covers. The problem with these types of materials is that these are the favorite of squirrels and mice to use as their nesting materials. They will bite on it and rip away these covers in tatters. So, you may consider sturdier materials like polyester, vinyl, oilcloth, PVC, etc. are covering for spirit grills.

Buying premium covers

You have to pay premium pricing to get custom-made Weber grill covers compared to getting local third-party covers. However, the advantage of getting specialized Weber grill covers is that these will snug fit onto the grill as designed specifically for that model. Specialized Weber grill covers also have a good rating from the previous buyers on the e-com sites. Many people are using it for five or ten years without any damage.

However, one notable feedback is that some buyers tend to report a problem in special Weber Summit grill covers. They find that the venting opening on the top of the grill cover allows rainwater to seep into the cover. This causes moisture infiltration and causes a problem with the cover freezing to the sides and top of the grill during colder seasons.

  • Getting third-party covers

The major advantage of choosing third-party covers is in terms of pricing. These universal covers are available from various providers. However, when you tend to buy third-party covers from unknown providers, you may be getting flimsy and low-quality products, and you have to replace them in a short while. So, it is always suggested to buy premium quality custom-made covers if your budget allows.

You can easily search online at e-com stores like Amazon to see the customer reviews and product ratings of Weber grill covers to compare them and choose the best one before you tend to buy them.

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