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Want to stay up to date with the analytics software of your website? Then let’s take a look at some of the best online services for analytics. 

It can be crucial for any business to have an exact overview of how the digital content at your website is performing. Therefore, analytics software is an essential element in all online work with web pages, social media, or other online platforms. You will easily find good reasons to use online tools for analytics.   

There is plenty of online software to help you measure your digital content. To give you the best overview we have made research to find some of the best software for your business. This will help you find the products that can optimize your business.


When you receive a call from a customer, you know one thing for sure: They found you somewhere. But otherwise, your knowledge is a bit limited. How did they find your business? Which search did keywords lead them to call you? Were there any special campaigns that were more successful than others? All of that you can get information about with the powerful analytics tool from Clixtell. It will allow you to get data insights on all steps of the process from thought to call by your customer. 

It will even provide you a click fraud protection, so you won’t receive fake clicks on your ad campaigns that will take a big bite out of your marketing budget. 


This smart service is gathering multiple amounts of data to transform it into insightful, complex knowledge for your company. It will break your orders down to multiple variables of data, you can use to generate knowledge about your users, which can be a benefit for your business. It can also help your project lead if orders are being delayed or you need a day-to-day insight about your revenues. 

It seems like there are almost limitless options on how to use this software. It gives you massive freedom to use the software in whatever way you want to use it. It has also received great reviews. 


If you need to analyze visual inspections, Scopito is a great analytical tool for you. It analyzes drone pictures, so you can quickly react. Maybe it will discover a potential forest fire? Maybe it will see a problem at a windmill? You will find out quickly when the technology compares pictures from the drones and through the advanced artificial intelligence it will be able to give you new insights and information quicker than your employees would be able to.  

It’s even easy to share the information from the inspections since the whole service is cloud-based. It would allow you to share the information with both external clients, technicians, or other parts who might benefit from receiving the data. Companies can even personalize the platform to their specific use in collaboration with Scopito. Maybe that’s why it serves more than 3000 companies worldwide.

Does your organization have a vasts amount of data but lack the reporting solutions to translate it? Well if so, might just be the perfect solution your organization is looking for! With this tool, you can easily translate tons of complex data into easy-to-use, intuitive reporting dashboards in minutes—with no coding required. What’s more, also offers a white-labeled analytical solution, that enables your clients to build their own customizable dashboards completely coherent with their brand. It’s definitely a great tool you should consider implementing if reporting and analytics are an inconvenience for your organization.

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