What Makes Spotify a Good Music Platform for Musicians?

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Last Updated on July 15, 2024 by Team Experts

Music sharing has taken many forms over the past several decades. From vinyl records, to tapes, to CDs and now streaming. Spotify is the world’s leading music streaming platform, but why is it so attractive to artists? 

Spotify is Free to Upload and Stream

One of the main reasons Spotify is brilliant for artists is that it’s free to upload your music! This means you don’t have to pay Spotify in order to have your songs on the platform – which is especially great news for smaller artists who are just starting out. Speaking of free, listeners are also able to stream music without paying. Of course premium plans are available for those who wish to use it, but the free plan means that the platform is accessible to everyone. This is likely why it is the world’s most used music streaming service, with over 380 million users. More users means more listeners so this is great news for artists who are looking to reach a large audience and grow a solid fanbase. 

It’s Easy to Share Music

Spotify has a very user friendly interface which makes it quick and simple for listeners to find the songs they are looking for. It is also a great tool for helping people to discover new artists. The streaming service pays close attention to the activity of its users – for example the genres of music they enjoy most, their favourite artists and songs they play on repeat. Why is this good news for musicians? It means that depending on the type of music you create, Spotify will recommend your songs to the people who will most likely listen to and love it! This is a great method of promoting your work and growing your fanbase on Spotify! A huge factor in how successful an artist can become is whether they are able to reach the intended audience. Spotify makes this easier than ever before as listeners can simply click to send a link for a song or album to their friends. The music on Spotify can therefore become very popular very quickly since it is so simple to share. Great news for the musicians using the platform! Spotify users are also more likely to give new songs a listen as there is no need for them to go out and buy the album or spend money on downloads. It’s free for them to stream as much music as their hearts desire so they have nothing to lose giving a new artist a chance. This means the likelihood of people listening to a musician they are unfamiliar with is much greater and so it is easier for artists to encourage people to stream their songs.

Do Artists Make Money On Spotify?

Yes! Artists who upload to Spotify earn royalties when their music is streamed. This means that it is possible to make an income from the music you are creating and uploading to the service. Spotify also doesn’t currently charge any fees or commissions to the musicians who use their platform!

Why Spotify is a Great Platform Overall

In conclusion, Spotify is a really good platform for both artists and users. It makes it very easy for artists to find people who love their music and makes it simple for listeners to find and share the music they love!

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