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Some call them spiral-bound, while many refer to them as wire-bound, spiral notebooks are the handiest thing we could ever have while taking notes, and one of the biggest reasons for the same is that it allows tuning pages smoothly (even in a hurry) without the fear of tearing the pages. Moreover, when we compare these spiral notebooks with the normal non-wired ones, they easily can lay flat without causing pages to creasing. 

A spiral notebook has two separate covers (one at the top and the other at the bottom) and the pages are placed in between the two covers and help in pace with spiral binding. 

Why you should prefer to buy a spiral notebook?

The answer is straightforward – they are the easiest to fold open. While other types of notebooks may promise to get easily folded and lie flat easily, when you buy a spiral notebook, you know that it would do all of it without any fuss. It is what, it is meant to do. It makes it easy for you to open any page and lie flat on a surface without hindering your attention to ease the pages out every time you use it to take notes. 

The reason why we always carry and use a notebook is that we find it convenient to take notes whenever we need to. But, if you have to face challenges to write on it, especially when the notebook is approaching its last pages, a spiral notebook, is just the solution you need. They have hardback and sturdy covers, making it easier to fold the cover and pages around and creating solid support for better writing. 

You can buy a spiral notebook of your choice from a smaller one to a big one, the bigger the bind, the better is their ability to fold pages over to the back, and convenient to use. However, smaller binds are much easier to fold over and carry. 

The advantages of using spiral notebooks 

  • The first and foremost reason is, that a spiral notebook will never drop pages. You will have no worries about the bumps of a worn-out page, neither have to worry about the notebook tearing apart.
  • Secondly, and most importantly, a spiral notebook can be flattened at 180 degrees and can have a 360-degree fold. 
  • And, thirdly, tearing any page out of the notebook will not affect the spiral bind, or damage the notebook. 

Spiral notebooks are one of the handiest portable office stationaries that offer immense flexibility while taking notes, logging things, and completing assignments. It allows a smoother experience of turning pages and writing, making it one of the most popular choices for professionals, office users, teachers, students, and managers. 

If you are a student or a research student, your notebook is one of the most valuable tools you could ever possess. You note down all your hard-earned information, which can be accessed whenever you require them. It is why you should make sure that your notebook protects your research work. Buy a spiral notebook to store all your valuable research work, and use it whenever you require. 

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