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Wondering what to do with that old pair of glasses of yours? You cannot certainly throw them in the garbage bin. 

There are many reasons that can make your glasses useless for you. Maybe you have a new prescription or the lenses are broken or you just don’t have much love left for the frame design. Whatever your reason is to treat yourself to a brand new pair of glasses, first figure out what you are going to do with your current frame. 

If your frames are made from acetate or metal, they qualify for recycling. But what about the pairs that have plastic too? And why throw them in the landfills when you’ve spent a good fortune on them? 

If you are also looking for eco-friendly ways to declutter your useless stack of glasses, this blog is for you. 

Fix them

If the problem is only in the lenses, you’ll be glad to know that you don’t have to part with the whole frame. You can simply replace the lenses with a pair of brand new ones. This is helpful in case your prescription has changed or the lenses have met with an accident. 

Reglazing prescription glasses is an easy process in which your old lenses are replaced with new ones. It involves less cost than buying a whole new frame. 

You can take your glasses to an optometrist and let them change the lenses. Reglazing is a good choice when you don’t want to spend money on a new frame. 

Donate them

Donating your things to the ones who need them is a good deed. Plus, your money will be put to good use. It’s the perfect opportunity to help those in need. 

Some optometrists also accept your old glasses and reuse their parts by repairing them. Ask the optometrists near you if they take old lenses or frames. Try and find the charity programs near you and contact them. They’ll take your old and pass them to someone who needs them.

Sure you save big when you order glasses online, but there are a lot of people in developing countries who can’t even afford these medical devices for their poor vision. 

Always pick a quality pair

Glasses with eco-friendly frames are to recycle than the ones that are made from plastic. So, also, be careful with how you handle your spectacles. If you take special care of them like keeping them in the case when not in use or cleaning the lenses with a microfiber cloth, your glasses will live long and there will be less waste in the landfills. 

Gift them to someone

You can also give your glasses to someone in your friends or family. And who knows, your frame may look better on them. If someone in your friends or family wears glasses, you can just pop out the lenses and hand them over to them. If they happen to have the same face shape and measurements as you, your glasses will fit them too.

Even if they don’t wear prescription glasses, you can just fit a pair of photochromic lenses in them and gift them a pair of transition glasses. It will matter more if they spend extensive screen hours or spend time in the sun. This is a win-win situation for both parties. Where you get to use your glasses in a better way, they will get a beautiful accessory that has more uses than just elevating their outfit. 

Keep them for a fancy dress

If your frames are just too old or damaged, they will make for a perfect piece of accessory in those costume parties. If you are thinking of dressing up as Harry Potter or Velma from Scooby-Doo, your glasses will help complete the look. 

Sell them

If your glasses are not 100% damaged and have some life left in them, you can try your luck at selling them online. There are people who look for such frames that are affordable and could be made wearable with some fix and adjustments. Give it a try. Even if someone doesn’t need them for prescription glasses, they may just fix the frame and fit blue light lenses in it. You will get a little money, while someone will get a pair of blue light glasses. What’s a better way to get a little money for your next pair than selling your old pair. 

Whatever you decide to do with your old glasses, just don’t throw them in the garbage bin. Next time you buy glasses, make sure the material is eco-friendly. 

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