3 Signs You Need an Antenna Booster

Antenna Booster
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Did you know that the first electronic television was demonstrated in 1927? Although television has come a long way since the 1920s you might be contemplating investing in a TV antenna booster to see if it will improve your TV connection. We have put together this short guide to share when you can benefit from a booster or amplifier for your television.

Keep reading to learn some signs that you need an antenna booster.

1. Coaxial Cable Length

One sign that you can benefit from television boosters is the length of your coaxial cable. If the length of your cable is more than 50 feet from the television to the antenna then an amplifier will come in handy and can help improve your television signal.

2. Location

The location of your antenna might be causing interference which will affect your ability to watch TV. For example, if you installed the TV antenna in the attic or the basement the roof or walls might be causing extra interference.

Also, you want to check where the nearest transmission tower is. If the nearest transmission tower is more than 20 miles away then you will definitely benefit from an antenna booster.

3. Signal Distribution

If you have installed the same TV antenna on more than one television that is located in different rooms in the home you might benefit from an antenna booster. The antenna booster will help increase the signal for each television rather than take away the signal from each TV.

Keep in mind that the more televisions you distribute the television signal to, the weaker the signal becomes for each TV.

What Causes Signal Loss?

One of the main reasons that you will experience TV signal loss is when the signal for the television has to travel down a long coaxial cable line. The longer the line is the higher your chances are of losing TV signal.

Signal loss is also caused when there are multiple TV sets and splitters. The reason this causes signal loss is that the signal quality becomes weaker when it has to jump between the splitters and between different television sets. In these cases watching TV can become difficult because you will end up with little to no channels or lines of interference across your television screen.

Something else that will weaken your TV signal is the more your antenna is split up by grounding blocks which are used to protect against surges in the power lines. Grounding blocks are known for dissipating and splitting up the signal.

Ready for an Antenna Booster?

We hope that now that you have the top signs that you might need an antenna booster you can make an informed decision on whether or not you need a signal booster for your television set or sets.

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