Top 7 Security Questions Answered about Cloud CCTV

security questions about Cloud CCTV

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Cloud CCTV acts as your eyes to notice what goes on around you, even when you are not present there. At the same time, you may consider using alternative options such as alarms, sensors, or even technology like video doorbells to secure your home or business. But CCTV with cloud storage is one of the most effective ways to ensure the overall security of a premise.

Due to the pandemic, most people were confined to their homes. People and businesses were looking for new ways to keep their families, businesses, property, and assets safe and secure. Such a situation led people towards Cloud CCTV, which has cloud storage in CCTV for surveillance Solutions to answer their problems. 

The curiosity about how and what exactly cloud CCTV and CCTV cloud storage work has increased. So here are the most common questions asked about Cloud CCTV and the answers to them: 

Here are 7 Security Questions Answered about Cloud CCTV System:

Q1. How can I have remote access through Cloud CCTV?

Ans. CCTV with Cloud storage allows complete control and access to your facility. By employing Cloud storage for CCTV, you can interconnect your CCTV cameras to get better access to live and recorded video footage. By allowing you to view live footage from each camera on a single platform, it can ensure your facility’s safe and smooth running of your facility.

With the help of a smart device and an internet connection, an authorized user can view the live footage within a few seconds.

Q2. How quickly can I respond with the help of CCTV with Cloud Storage? 

Ans. By zooming/enhancing images and footage captured from CCTV Cloud Cameras, one can look for any suspicious activity or individual. 

If any suspicious activity is detected:

  • The alarm would be sounded 
  • An alert would be sent to the on-site security team or personnel to take immediate action. 
  • Cloud Camera Solutions prove to be one of the most effective security solutions. They are a cost-effective way to detect, record,, and reduce crime. 
  • Moreover, the audio recorder and motion detection can also help you get another value added to your overall security.

Q3. Do I need to monitor the surveillance footage with CCTV Cloud Storage actively?

Ans. A study in London shows that active monitoring (where trained staff actively watch live footage for any suspicious activity) can reduce crime by 15% more than when surveillance is done without active monitoring. 

A CCTV Cloud storage system with a proactive security staff can detect any suspicious activity in real-time. As the statistics show, a well-managed security system such as this can be very effective in any industry and under any scenario. 

When combined with other security measures, such as improved lighting, perimeter fences, etc., CCTV surveillance reduced crime by an impressive 34%. 

For instance, IGZY – E Surveillance Company provides a unified platform to monitor all of your CCTV with Cloud storage cameras on a single interface. IGZY allows you to monitor your premises using your security team or allow them to safeguard your premises by employing high trained security officers to overlook your facility 24*7. 

Q4. How safe is CCTV with cloud storage for companies against security risks? 

Ans. Most companies fear their business could be threatened by crimes such as vandalism, theft, or break-ins. While not always, the presence of CCTV Cloud cameras alone is often enough to help in reducing the chances of robberies, vandalism, or break-ins. 

With a CCTV Camera System in place, you can monitor and identify weak areas that need improvement in your facility. The areas which can not afford to lose the video footage. 

By identifying these areas, you can take steps towards building efficiency and enhancing security. For instance, by using CCTVs, you can check whether or not your perimeter is safe. You can check if your fences are intact or the gates are correctly locked to ensure unauthorized individuals don’t enter your property.

Business owners or enterprises are often concerned about their inventory/stock being left unprotected in their warehouses or stores. CCTV Cloud Storage work effectively in keeping an eye on the assets and detecting & recording any suspicious activity in and around your property. 

Q5. Do you save and store footage using a cloud or an on-premise solution?

Ans. Let us assume, One day, you enter your facility and realize there was a break-in the night before. After alerting the relevant authorities, you checked your surveillance footage. You realized that the thieves had stolen the hard disk, and therefore there was no way for you to recover your losses or ensure that the culprits were caught. 

Video Footage is at the heart of modern-day Security Solutions, and Cloud storage for CCTV ensures that your data/footage is never lost. 

Cloud CCTV updates and sync your footage automatically in the cloud. They prevent any loss of footage as everything is uploaded into the cloud in real-time. By storing your footage in the cloud, it can be accessed and retrieved whenever it is needed.

This way, footage recovery is guaranteed even if no hard disk is involved. Cloud storage for CCTV is also relatively cheaper than long-term local storage. Therefore it provides better safety and stability along with cost-effectiveness. 

Q6. Can Cloud Camera work well during specific restricted periods?

Ans. Surveillance becomes especially important during non-working hours. While people may be around during the daytime, at night, at weekends, or on holidays, is when a facility is most vulnerable.  

CCTV cloud cameras are enabled for viewing in the dark/night. In case of any suspicious activity during the night or when no one is around, an individual can be detected, recorded, and apprehended. CCTV Cloud Cameras work actively in such situations to reduce the chances of any losses incurred.  

Q7. Can Cloud CCTV cater to the type of security my industry needs?

Ans. Different industries have different pain areas and different priorities regarding their security.

In some industries, the use of machinery is either necessary or excessive. Therefore, it is essential that the machinery is being used safely and correctly.

 In places, Cloud CCTV can be used to check if employees are following the standard procedure for safe and optimal use of the machinery. By monitoring whether or not the health and safety protocols are being followed, you can assure that no harm is caused to employees or the machinery present there.  In some other banking, industrial, and healthcare logistical cases, security needs have challenges.

 In some cases, banking, industrial, and healthcare logistics have their own set of challenges when it comes to security needs, which can very well be managed with the help of CCTV with Cloud Storage.


Safety and security are needed during these precarious/ uncertain times. Cloud CCTV Cameras work actively as a way to prevent and deter threats/risks and ensures long-term security. 

IGZY provides customized CCTV with a Cloud storage solutions to large enterprises to ensure the safety and security of their business.

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