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Tech Contest, nowadays gift cards, promo codes, and discount vouchers are very common. All these discount coupons and vouchers are just baited to attract customers to make purchases. It is often seen that the companies which provide discount vouchers or coupons have much greater sales than those who don’t.

Due to this advantage so many companies, big or small, try to provide discount coupons or scratch cards in order to attract more and more customers. 

Earlier these coupons were physically distributed but nowadays these coupons are distributed using online channels. Some examples of online coupons are whenever we make a transaction using Paytm we get a scratch card, so after we scratch the card we get discount coupons for any e-commerce company like ajio, myntra, mama earth, zomato and swiggy, etc. 

There are so many types of digital coupons such as promo codes, (like Amazon promo codes) mobile coupons, scratch cards, and lucky draw coupons, etc. Companies can give attractive names to their promo codes in order to reach more and more people.  

It is important for promo codes to be time, quality, and quantity efficient. Make sure you come up with discounts and gift cards, promo codes, and discount vouchers occasionally because if a company always provides discounts then customers may start losing interest and may even suspect the product quality and customer services. 

  Differences between physical coupons and digital versions.

Below mentioned are some Differences between online coupons over physical coupons:

  • Although the purpose for both types of coupons is primarily the same, there are a few minor differences between physical coupons and e-coupons.
  • Physical coupons are much more expensive because they incur printing, insertion, and distribution costs while digital coupons can be sent by text, email, and automatically generated communications which do not even cost a penny.
  • Digital coupons are very easy to send and make vural so that they can reach as many people as possible but on the other hand physical coupons are too difficult to attract so many people at the same time. 

Effective ways to market coupons

  • Social media

Social media is the biggest platform to gain a reach for any type of business or e-commerce. One can share a  24-hour-only coupon on their Instagram and Facebook story which is enough to create a boom! Sites can have social media pages and a site where they can post pictures of their content featuring their customers and can also write SEO-based blogs. Owners can even allow their followers to share a good deal that will help you in increasing the range of your e-commerce. 

  • Advertisements

Anything from google ads to social media apps one can have a coupon code in the image. This will also help you to know from where(which channel) customers have reached you the most. By knowing this you can try to grow more other channels and can start posting much on the growing channels. 

  • Physical events

Physical events like trade shows, festivals, and local events are excellent brand-building channels. By conducting or sponsoring events will really help in increasing the chances of one’s e-commerce gaining new customers and fans. new fans and customers. Owners can even provide incentives in the form of special coupons in physical form that will definitely market exponentially and increase reach. 

  • Collaborations

Collaboration is the process where two or more people or organizations come and work together to complete a particular task and achieve a goal. Collaboration is similar to cooperation. The major advantage of collaboration is when the two or more companies join hands then it will help both the companies with each other’s customers. In other words both the companies are benefited by each other’s customers and both companies will be able to gain more reach and customers. 

For an instance: A company can collaborate with a youtuber and influencer. So what happens is the content creator will advertise your products in his/her videos and you will be able to take command of his/her audience and can make your customers. So now what creators can do is, they can provide a promo code to each creator resembling their names and promise him to give discounts like 10%, 20% off, or buy one get one free like things to the customers who will use that code. So now by the bait of discounts the creators’ audience will definitely buy the products and they even did not buy but they will come across your store name and will definitely check out websites which indirectly means you have got a new audience. 

Benefits of promo code here are dual. First of all promo code will help the company to know which creator will get them maximum sales among all and on that basis the company can plan future long term collaboration with them. Secondly, promo codes, gift cards are used as a lure  to attract customers to buy and check out the products of the company. 

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