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Do you find it difficult to connect your customers’ shopping experiences across various channels? If yes, switch to Adobe Commerce as it makes it easy for customers and business owners to manage from a single platform. From customized catalogues, ordering, smooth account management, hassle-free third-party integrations to much more. 

With Magento open source you can get flexible commerce solutions tailor-made for small businesses. If you need a hassle-free shopping cart system with top-notch functionality then Adobe Commerce is the one. Whereas,  Magento Commerce Cloud is best for cloud solutions as it offers easy coding, testing and deployment across various stages. 

Differences between Magento 2 Commerce and Magento 2 Open Source

Both technical and non-technical users and developers agree that the Magento eCommerce platform is the best. You are making good decisions with this compelling platform as a clever business owner. Still, you might be wondering which version, Open Source or Commerce, is best for you.

Anyone can download and use Magento from the Open Source platform, formerly known as Community Edition, to create an online store for free. That sounds fantastic, but it means you will have to put in a lot of effort on your end to get things up and running, which means it won’t be so costly when all is said and done.

Magento Commerce, formerly known as Enterprise Edition, is a commercial version of Magento that contains many more advanced features, customization options, and Adobe’s (the company that owns Magento) updates and support.

Both versions have an open architecture, which means the code is accessible and editable. Both can take advantage of the Magento Extensions Marketplace, which allows for database connectors. 

Reasons to Migrate to Adobe Commerce

There is no other platform that allows you to create unique and engaging shopping experiences. The amazing features in terms of functionality, a flexible headless architecture, easy integration with third party and unlimited customizations. With so many amazing features, it is that time when you should bring your commerce idea to execution with Adobe Commerce platforms. Also, we cannot neglect the global ecosystem made available for the implementation of partners, along with a vast marketplace of extensions.

1. Deliver Memorable Shopping Experiences:

With the user in mind, Adobe Commerce features are constantly growing. Own your customer’s experience, create personalized content and promos, and make the buying process as simple as possible. Page Builder is an easy-to-use drag-and-drop eCommerce website builder.

• Page Builder

• Recommendations for Products

• Search in real-time

• Segmentation and personalization of customers

• Content Preparation & Preview

• Purchase on the spot

• Merchandising

2. Improved Performance and Scalability

Serving your customers’ requirements, no matter where they are, is what drives commerce growth. Expand your reach and enhance new channels in different geo-locations and sell online to both enterprises and consumers on the same platform. Bring commerce to your clients wherever they want to shop, whenever they want to shop, and however, they want to shop.

• Mobile Commerce

• E-commerce for businesses to businesses

• PWA Studio (Portable Web Application Studio)

• International Expansion

• Amazon’s Online Store sale

• Integration with ERP

• Architecture for Headless Commerce

3. Operate Smartly and Efficiently:

To compete in today’s marketplace, efficiency, automation, and data availability are necessary. Adobe Commerce tool makes the entire operation very simple for all the merchants to turn into and run a data-driven commerce organization that will help them expand their business.

• Information Technology (IT)

• Shipping

• Inventory Control

• Customer service and order management

4. Customization:

All the shoppers have some basic expectations for the brands they interact with, including excellent performance, security, and new interactions. Run your business operations with the assurance that you’ll be able to meet and surpass those goals.

• Customizable and open

• Deployment in the Cloud

• Trust & Security

• Scale & Performance

• APIs

• Marketplace

5. Delivery via the Cloud:

Adobe Commerce always provides a continuous delivery of cloud-based services, allowing you to get the newest software version, infrastructure changes, and functionality right away. Use out-of-the-box tools, integration environments, and front-end and back-end performance optimization to ensure your store is always up and operating.

6 Magento 1 End of Life:

Support for Magento 1 software has ended in June 2020. Magento 1 owners have no other option than to migrate to Magento 2. Magento 2, also known as Adobe Commerce, has best in class features and benefits that can help retailers and online merchants to grow their ecommerce business. It is advisable to opt for magento migration services to successfully upgrade your Magento version.

7. Latest Checkout Process:

If you want to know why migrate to Magento 2, it allows multiple clients to check out simultaneously. Furthermore, Magento 2 checkout has only two phases, whereas Magento 1 has up to six. This will increase the number of clients and increase revenue. You will have more successful sales if you have a faster checkout. Customers can also request a super speedy guest checkout with Magento 2 and still have the option to register an account with one click on the Thank you page.

8. Improved SEO Service:

As SEO is on the top priority list of many business owners, Magento offers built-in SEO features to better optimize the store. Magento 2 also includes image optimization, ability to use canonical tags for filtered category pages, robots.txt, rich snippets, schema, sitemap and more. 

9. Optimized Security:

Magento 1 will no longer get security fixes after it reaches the end of its life cycle. This indicates that online retailers using Magento 1 will be subject to numerous types of cyber-attacks. As a result, delaying the upgrade to Magento 2 could cost you your business and even your customers’ personal information. Cyber-attacks are frequently focused on stealing financial information and individual identities. Such a vulnerability is precarious in terms of reputation, which might be severely harmed in just one day. And just one such attack might set you back years in regaining your reputation and clients.

There are numerous commerce integrations, and all of them can be managed in one spot:

You must function as effectively and efficiently as possible to succeed in the modern commerce economy. We assist you in achieving this aim by combining all of the necessary tools into a single platform. This allows you to manage your brands in one place, across all countries, with a single code base for all integrations.

Final Thoughts:

Connect the commerce dots with Magento 2, also known as Adobe Commerce. You can make it more relevant with the knowledge and tools you need to personalize the buying experience in real-time. You can do it yourself, too, thanks to the flexibility to construct bespoke dashboards and business reporting.

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