7 Essential Questions to Ask Before Buying Home

Buying a house

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Buying a house is a decision that shouldn’t be taken in a hurry. As a buyer, you must be sure the property is perfectly fine for you; it doesn’t matter for what purpose you are buying.

The entire home buying process demands time and research. During the research, as a buyer, you must ask correct questions. As it is the only way, you will make a good offer of the house that falls within your budget. Moreover, in the long run, you don’t suffer much.

So, the questions as a buyer you should ask before buying a home in capital smart city Islamabad are as follows:

What’s Your Total Budget?

If you, as a buyer, look for a house without knowing how much you can spend, it is a complete waste of time. Because there is the possibility that you like a house that you cannot buy because of the price. Because when buying a home, keep in mind that buying cost is the only thing. Keep in mind the additional costs like taxes, homeowners’ insurance, and the list go on.

For that, it is better to get pre-approved for a mortgage. It gives you as a buyer a better idea about affordability. Also, after a pre-approved mortgage seller gets assurance that a buyer you are serious about buying property.

Is Home in a Disaster Free Zone?

You must know that the property that is in a flood zone or natural disaster area needs additional insurance coverage.

So, you must be aware of it. The seller might not guide you well about the area that will cost you a lot later if something doesn’t go alright.

Why Is Seller Selling the House?

It is another important question whose answer buyers must know. If the seller is relocating because of a high crime rate or similar reason, it is better to avoid buying their house. Because these are the issues that will surely disturb you in the long run.

The other scenario you might get to know is that the owner is selling a house because the surroundings don’t have amenities like health care facilities, schools, public transport, and shops. It is also an issue, mainly if you are moving with your family.

However, as a buyer, you are the one who needs to make a decision. You will decide what issues you can ignore and manage in the long run are.

Were There Any Major Renovations in the House?

Those who don’t know what major renovation is, major renovation means a substantial addition to an existing building. There are times when the information related to property present online doesn’t match with the property record.

During advertising, you might come to know that the home has 4 bedrooms, but the fourth is the addition that is done by the seller later. As a buyer, you must know about these major changes or renovations.

Ask the seller to provide you with all the details related to the renovation and even record if present, as it should be.

How Old is the Roof?

Roofs are quite necessary and also expensive. In case the roof of the house is pretty old, like at the end of its lifespan, as a buyer, you will have to repair it within a short time after moving in. That simply means after spending thousands on buying a home; you will again spend a huge amount which isn’t ideal.

So, before buying a house, do a deep inspection and make sure there isn’t any damage. In case there is, ask the seller to fix it before signing a contract.

How Old are the Appliances?

If the house is coming with appliances, make sure they aren’t too old. Remember, appliances are essential. Moreover, you cannot buy them from the market at a low price. So, before trusting everything the seller is saying, make sure you check each appliance on your own.

How Long is the House in the Market?

It is something that also plays a major role in making a decision to buy a home. If the house has been on the market for a long time, it should raise several questions in your mind. The only time houses didn’t get sold was when there was an issue with them. So, get the answer to it.

If the seller is able to provide you with a satisfactory and trustworthy answer, only then move on with the process. Otherwise, keep looking for the houses, as surely you will find something better.

Once you have asked the above-discussed questions or more you have in mind, only then sign the closing deal. All this might take time of yours, but you will get surety that the hefty investment you are about to make is secure.  

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