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Purple Screen

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Does your Samsung phone have a purple screen? So you’re obviously looking for ways to fix the purple screen on your Samsung phone, right? All you have to do is try the remedies mentioned here to get rid of them.

Samsung phones have a large screen that offers an amazing viewing experience. But sometimes there are some common problems that prevent the device from working properly.

This is often referred to as the purple screen of death, which is not easy to remove. Here are some ways to fix Samsung purple screen easily.

List of solutions:

  • Reboot your Samsung phone
  • Remove unwanted foreign objects
  • Put your device into safe mode
  • Remove overclock settings and tools
  • Update your phone
  • Do a factory reset

The best way to fix Samsung purple screen in one click

Why does my Android screen turn purple?

As your phone accidentally dropping is one of the worst things that can happen to android phone. Many users who have dropped their device have noticed that a small purple tint appears on the screen after the event. After a few days, half the screen may turn purple and become unusable. Let’s find out why your phone screen turns purple and what you can do about it.

iPhone purple screen?

iPhone 12 purple screen is one of the most common problems that plague iPhone 12s and can be very annoying. It seems like a terrible nightmare, especially for users who are experiencing it for the first time. You can also experience similar problems like purple lines on iPhone screen and purple tint on iPhone screen.

Ways to fix purple iPhone screen

Adjust iPhone screen brightness and color

Factory reset your iPhone/iPad with purple screen

Contact Apple Support

Fix Windows desktop when it turns purple

Quick fix for Windows desktop turning pink or purple

  • Restart File Explorer
  • Disable color filter
  • Configure the night light settings
  • Update or reinstall your Windows display drivers
  • Use Windows’ built-in troubleshooters
  • Scan and remove malware from your computer
  • Use a system restore point

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