10 Power Outage Safety Tips for Small Businesses

Power Outage Safety

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Power outage safety in the workplace can disrupt everything from production to distribution. On one hand, it can decrease the foot traffic on stores, and on the other hand, it can delay business operations. Similarly, long-term electricity issues can even result in a complete wrap-up of business.

Thus, it leaves a worse impact on revenues. Additionally, a power outage can cause some serious harm to the employees, customers, and suppliers. Therefore, taking adequate safety measures before, after, and during the power outage is essential.

This article will shed light on some mandatory safety tips related to power outages. So, let us have a look:

Create a Contingency Plan for Sudden Electricity Loss

Do your employees know how to act in case of electricity loss? How to save the appliances and how to address the customers’ in-store? Knowing all things is essential to keep your small business safe. Furthermore, do not wait for the worse things to happen.  

Plan ahead and let your employees know about it. Design a safety plan for electricity, just like we create a plan for gas safety. Also, hand over a hard copy of the plan to your staff and double-check to see if every employee is well aware of the plan.

Purchase Emergency Kits

You should also buy emergency kits and make them accessible to every employee. These kits should include everything related to first aid, emergency water, emergency lights, etc. Furthermore, employees should know the best use of these kits.

Keep a Power Back-Up Option

In case if you suddenly run out of electricity, you will need a power backup. Depending on the size and requirement of the business, you should keep a generator. Heavy-duty generators are used in factories and businesses where heavy machinery is involved. These generators will help in taking out the people from the elevator and completing the production cycle which can disrupt if stopped in the middle.

However, be careful in handling them. For instance, never use generators when hands, floor, or body are wet. Similarly, make sure that the generator is perfectly cool before you refuel them. Also, there should be perfect ventilation for the generator as it can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning which can be fatal.

Get Safety Certificates 

You must get a safety inspection for your building. You should get a gas safety certificate and an energy certificate to ensure that your appliances are in optimal condition. Getting an electricity certificate is a legal requirement. 

Similarly, all the switches and sockets will also be checked. This will let you know about the extra load on sockets. At times, extra load on the sockets can result in short circuits and ultimately lead to power outage.

Likewise, inspection from the professional can highlight other electrical problems like causes of circuit tripping, loud buzzing, etc. A certified electrician can then replace the circuit breaker and fix other electrical issues.

Invest in Surge Protectors

One of the biggest reasons for malfunctioning or complete failure of electrical appliances is a sudden change in voltage. However, surge protectors are the best way to save your equipment. Furthermore, the cost of surge protectors is far less than buying or repairing the equipment.

Disconnect Equipment and Report Immediately

Even if you are using a surge protector, do not forget to disconnect or turn off your equipment. This is an additional step of saving the equipment from a big failure. Likewise, if there is a critical condition, do not refrain from immediately calling the emergency help center. 

Make sure that every employee knows this number and the number are also mentioned on the company’s notice board. Furthermore, prepare a team of responsible workers who are responsible to take prompt actions in such conditions.

Take Care of Refrigeration Equipment

In case if you deal in perishable goods or store a large amount of food equipment for your employees, take extra care of refrigerators. In case if the temperature rises above 40 degrees Fahrenheit, your goods will no more be safe. 

Moreover, ice-loaded coolers are a safe way to save your perishable items. Also, try not to open the refrigerator door during a power outage. If you keep the door close, the food will stay cold for around 6 hours. Perishable items will be safe to use for almost 48 hours. 

So, if your business involves any refrigerator goods, you should buy the best quality fridge, arrange power backup, and take prompt action for power recovery.

Set Up a Saving Account for Emergencies

Cost of repairing, fuel for the generator, or buying new equipment can affect your profits. If you do not want to increase your operating cost, try to maintain an account for such emergencies. In this way, your business will not face a sudden financial hit in case of a power outage loss.

Alert the Security Team

Be quick in calling the security team because robbers often turn off the electrical system at first. Therefore, call the security team right away. Additionally, turn on the emergency lights and alert your employee team as well. Also, turn on the generator or call the electrician to find out the possible cause for power breakdown.

Prioritize Life Safety

Though every safety tip is important every business owner should give priority to the life of its staff and customers. Before checking the appliances and business records, it should be made sure that the employees and customers are safe. Besides this, if the condition is critical, no delays should be made in calling the help centers for urgent help.

Wrapping It Up

In short, every business should have a solid plan to deal with issues related to power outages. It can even lead to huge business problems and some situations may even be dangerous for life. 

Furthermore, emergency kits should be purchased, an eclectic certificate should be taken, and a backup of power should be arranged. Besides this, business owners should invest in high-quality surge protectors, take care of refrigerated goods, and alert the security team.

Following all these safety tips will save the precious lives of people and keep the business free from hurdles.

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