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Art has been at the forefront of cultures and affluent people from these cultures, for ages. Everyone knows that art exhibitions, events and forums are a way for people to come together, network and spend their money as a hobby. No wonder, auctions and exhibitions around the world have multiplied over the years.

There are different types or genres of art that are considered “hot cakes” and their bidding prices are exorbitantly high, for example, abstract or cubism. Then there is another section of art that is sold just because it has gone viral or become a trend or a fad, in the art circles, for example, a famous painting by Pablo Picasso. 

Irrespective of the reason behind buying and collecting art, one thing is for sure that this hobby of the affluent is not going to fade away anytime sooner. Therefore, it is better to study which paintings are the most popular for art collectors and what sets them apart from other artwork. Let us look at some of the examples in this article and explore the nitty-gritty to get a good understanding of these paintings.


This painting of a young beautiful woman by the pre-Raphaelite painter John William Waterhouse is a testimony to the era gone by where the brotherhood focused on the urban life of people in Europe with an infused enthusiasm of visual art combined with poetry and literature. Such life-like paintings that were a class apart from the “lazy art”, made it big to the art collectors’ inventory. 

The rusty wind behind the woman is a contrast to her calm and peaceful face that accentuates her posture of holding herself together against the wind. John has given full glory to the beauty of the woman with a focus on her eyes and lips. The well-detailed clothes and the dark black hair make her the woman every man wants to take home, let alone art collectors.

Mona Lisa 

Any mention of the words “famous painting” has to include a tribute to the grandmother of all of them, the Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci. However, most people would not know that the real reason for the fascination of this painting for the last 5 centuries is the subtle smile or hidden pain of the character in the picture, Lisa Gherardini, the wife of Francesco del Giocondo. 

Leonardo, being a celebrated painter and master of art, broke through the political and social fabric of the world and created an ambassador of the Renaissance era. With a simple outdoor background, the master gave life to the portrait with the posture, color, and texture that plays with the viewer making them question what is going on. This is the reason why the painting is a must-have for the quintessential art collector.

The Last Supper

If you are an art-aficionado then you must bring this peace of historic and godly capture at home. Consider this painting all the more because, even though it is part of the world’s most recognized and famous artwork, it is nowhere to be found in any museum! The betrayal of the disciple and the last meal of Jesus Christ are the center of the Christian world.

Da Vinci’s use of vibrant colors and the impression upon his characters make him a class apart from his peers. He made sure to separate Christ from others on the canvas to tell the viewers that his disciples are just the accessories to the drama about to unfold, it is He who is allowing it to happen in the first place. 

The Return of the Prodigal Son

Apart from the regular trending paintings that art collectors like to buy, classical work and historical moments are the next best thing they spend millions of dollars on. Rembrandt captures a beautiful moment between father and son that is still relevant and used as a saying in the 21st century, making it a must-have out of the most popular paintings ever bought so far. 

To add to the subtle return of the prodigal son, the painter has kept a darker texture and supporting tone.  The robes of the father and his men depict aristocracy and the hands of the father on the son shows a virtue of Christian mercy. The rags on the son and his tilting on this father for comfort shows he is spent not only monetarily but emotionally. 


There are plenty of world-famous paintings that are considered a necessity in the art-collectors inventory. However, not all paintings can be had in their original form or even as an original variant since the demand outweighs the supply by a million to one. There is a better solution to make sure you tick off all these paintings and bring them home.

1st-art-gallery houses the best there is to be had in the form of replica paintings. You should consult one of their professionals and discuss your taste with them. They don’t only cover a gamut of categories but also have different sizes that will help you bring home just the one made for your living room. 

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