Top Product Photo Editing Benefits to Instantly Boost Your eCommerce Sales

Photo Editing Benefits

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When selling products online, images play an important role in decision-making. Customers buy a product when it attracts them. Therefore, it is crucial to have proper photos of your products. However, every eCommerce site demands different features (particular dimensions, pixel quality, white background, etc.) of photos. It gets difficult for the seller to meet these demands, as they may have multiple selling platforms to manage. Moreover, sellers lack such editing skills and need professional help. So, they opt for editing either by hiring in-house professional editors or by outsourcing product photo retouching services from a trusted company.

Editing not only helps to increase the quality of photos but also, can upgrade your store’s look, indirectly increasing the number of visitors and – positively affecting your sales. Additionally, it helps your target audience develop a more reliable and trustworthy perception of your brand. In this blog, we’ll discuss how editing helps you improve your image quality to help your eCommerce business grow. 

Benefits of Product Photo Editing for eCommerce Businesses

Here are how different tools of editing benefits your eCommerce business.

Make Your Photo Look Professional with a Clean Background

If your photos have a busy or cluttered background, it can be very distracting to viewers. It causes more stress to their eyes and drives away their focus from the main product. Moreover, it conveys an unprofessional appearance. Product Photo editing helps to remove such clusters of unwanted objects from the images to make them more appealing and distinctive. 

Retain Depth and Dimension with Ghost Mannequin Effects

If you’re selling clothing online, it’s important to use images that have a 3D effect. This makes the items more visually appealing and can help increase sales. To create this effect, photographers often use mannequins during photo shoots. However, using mannequins is not allowed on some eCommerce platforms. This is because the images created with mannequins can look unnatural and fail to attract attention. Editing Professionals use the ghost mannequin effect to remove the mannequin from the image whilst retaining the 3D effect.

Improve Your Store Performance by Adding Realistic Shadow 

Shadows are an important part of product photography, as they add depth and dimension to your photos. However, creating realistic shadows during photography can be very tricky, as you need to take into account the light source, the angle of the product, and shadow size. Photo editing provides realistic shadows to your product image, giving it more depth to make them look realistic. And the more realistic the image, the more people tend to buy it. This helps you to improve your store performance.

Attract More Customers with the Color Correction Tool

Product photos need to be accurate in terms of color, otherwise, they can be confusing for potential customers. Accurate and pop-out colors attract more customers. However, raw photos are monotonous due to uneven color distribution. So, the editor uses to color correction tool to deal with this issue. Color correction enhances the aesthetic appeal and visual impact of the photos. For instance, adding more brightness to apparel to make the colors distinctive to attract more customers.

Suffice eCommerce Photo Demand with Photo Resizing

As an eCommerce business owner, it’s important to make sure that your product photos meet the requirements of the platform you’re using. Some eCommerce platforms require a particular measurement of the photograph. Luckily, product photo editing can help by ensuring that your photos are in the right size, resolution, and format for the platform you’re using. This can significantly affect how your products look to potential customers. 

Create Impactful First Impression with Photo Straightening

Product photos for eCommerce sites that need to be straight and correctly proportioned. They must be cropped to fit well within the website’s attractive picture frame. Editors use cropping and other tools to make sure that your product image is straight, and non-distorted to match the image frame on your website. A well-presented image creates a good first impression on the customer and lures them to buy your product.

Grab Customer Focus with White Background

Clarity is key when it comes to displaying products online. Hence, the eCommerce platform demands an image that focuses on the product and has a white background. With the help of photo editing, the editor can remove any abnormal backgrounds and create a white and solid background for your photos. This makes the products look clean to drive the viewer’s entire focus to the product.

Ease Your Editing Procedure By Blending Images

Sometimes, eCommerce sellers have to display multiple products in one image. This happens in the case of selling combo products. When a photographer takes photos of various products in one frame, the chance of unintended shadows being cast on other sections of the photographs. Similar problems could occur while shooting pictures against various backdrops. Hence, editors use the feature of image blending. In this process, the editor produces a single shot where everything comes together and has a polished, improved, and unique appeal by combining the photographs with varying exposure settings.

Achieve Perfection with Retouching Technique

In addition to modifying the product image, editing the models is crucial, especially if you are selling clothing. Zooming in to examine the details of the apparel and the models is a common practice. If the model’s features weren’t sharpened and modified, that would be unattractive to the viewers. Thus, the editor utilizes retouching tools and techniques to eliminate the model’s flaws, dark spots, tone, color, etc. This helps to enhance the overall quality of your photographs, making them look flawless.

Biggest Challenge of Poor-quality Product Photos

Increased Bounce Rate

A product image is considered bad when it has poor lighting, wrong product placement, unclear background, pixelated, hazy, etc. When customers view such product images in their search results, they tend to lose interest and move to the next seller. This increases the bounce rate of your product. The greater your bounce rate, the more prospective clients you lose. The bounced visitors assume your website has nothing to offer them and depart without any further engagement. This drastically impacts your sales and revenue rate.

Loss of Trust & Credibility

A good product image demonstrates professionalism and authority. This is particularly true with jewelry items like silver bracelets. Customers respond better to your product when they look polished and professional. Poorly shot images give the impression that you, the vendor, didn’t even spend the time and effort to provide quality images of your goods. Moreover, they may also assume that just because the product appears dull in the image, it is dull in reality.  This creates a bad image of your product and brand and reflects unprofessionalism. 

Loss of Revenue

Any business’s ultimate objective is to generate revenue. When an image fails to attract customers, they don’t buy your product. This impacts your sales rate. The business might suffer continuous losses and can’t survive in the competitive world.

How to Overcome These Challenges? 

Photo editing demands a lot of time, a deep-seated understanding of photo editing tools, and patience. eCommerce businesses can either choose to establish an internal team dedicated to product photo editing, with specialized resources and advanced infra setup. But that can turn out to be an expensive affair. Another option is to choose eCommerce photo editing services

An experienced third-party photo editing company can manage a lot of tasks at once. You can also look for product photo editing or retouching support. Outsourcing is usually cost-effective, flexible in terms of working hours, and with a lot of options for varying requirements. In simple words, these companies work according to your requirement and under a specific deadline. They can offer editing as well as photo retouching services.


Viable and attractive product photos are essential for any eCommerce store and they can be the difference between the success and failure of your business. Therefore, image editing plays a crucial role as it can help to improve the quality of your product photos and make them more appealing to potential customers. However, at any point in time, if you think that editing is getting tiresome,  you can opt to hire a professional editor or go for photo editing service providers. Taking professional help will ensure that every image is perfect in representing your products, thereby helping you to get an edge over the competition and increase sales and conversions simultaneously.  

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