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They say that jack of all trades and master of none, but entrepreneurs need to wear all hats to direct their blockbuster, called business. Be it internal conflicts or external management; a good entrepreneur knows how to handle it all. But as strong as it sounds, it can be extremely challenging and inevitably overwhelming. For this reason, you need a password-protected intranet for small businesses. Not only will you be able to manage all these tasks efficiently and productively, but intranet solutions also help you save up your time. Small business intranet solutions are a secured internal communications network that stores all company information, including documents, announcements, contacts, and procedures.

Let’s understand how you should organize your intranet with the help of some recommended pages to work on your designs:

Contact List: 

  • There can be sections of Employees, Vendors, and other important company contacts in the contact list. 
  • You can also choose to separate the sections for Employees, Vendors, and other important company contacts.
  • The contact list can also mention links that take you to the important information stored elsewhere in the servers. 

Tip: Anything works until it’s simple. 

Home Page:

  • The page can be updated with important information and updates to be checked by the team members regularly. 
  • The members can set company browser homepages to this page to have quick access and easy view.
  • The home page can easily rip off any problem related to memo-type emails.

Tip: The user should edit and update while the administration should approve the updates and recover files deleted

How to:

  • A how-to page has a set of instructions for everyday affairs like setting up email, changing the printer ink, or getting the office supplies.
  • The list of instructions regarding usual matters helps the staff in various matters. 

Tip: Clear and updated instructions will help the employees to solve the queries without directly approaching you. 

Procedures Manual:

  • The new and already existing employees can find the instructions without interruptions to higher management. 
  • One doesn’t need to spend a lot of time, especially with temporary workers, to give them instructions regarding something. 
  • The manual saves time and helps to employ a worker without putting in extra effort and manual power to get them familiar with the system.

Tips: Keep only the instructions necessary for his scope of duty. Anything additional will only amount to the wastage of time and resources. 

Company Calendar:

  • Employees are an important part of an organization as investors. They are the assets that help the organization achieve its targets. 
  • Simple reminders like birthdays, anniversaries and other events make them feel a part of the organization. 
  • The calendar also includes deadline reminders, time-sensitive projects, and other necessary alarms. 

Tips: The calendar is only effective if the employees check it and they respond to it. 

Suggestion Box:

  • Consistent improvement and growth are a part of any organization’s successful future. However, vital improvements can be made when the suggestions of all the members are taken into account equally. 
  • The suggestion box is an essential source of internal communication software in the company. 
  • New employees can point out any inefficiency they observe in the organization by staying anonymous. 
  • The tool can boost revenue by enabling employees to identify and share new avenues that can help to generate more sales. 

Tip: Consider the suggestion even if it’s anonymous. Discuss the suggestion and try to implement it, and if it’s vague, try to tell why you decided to scrape it off in the meeting without disclosing the identity.

With many intranets, you get a solution that requires extra integrations, add-ons and consulting to get everything going. Connect employees, build culture, and mobilize your people to create, contribute, and collaborate. A great organization is not a one-man’s play; it’s the collaboration of all the members, equally!

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