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I wasn’t sure but I was observing that my teen is slowly leaving her social media account. I mean wanted to share a hilarious post on messenger and they told me the user account does not exist. It was new as we know she is more of a social media person and likes to post updates and all. But slowly she started posting less and less and eventually stopped before she completely disappeared from the platform. I asked her and she said it is not fun anymore. Maybe I told her account id to aunt Misra and she sent her a friend request I think that was the start of “not fun anymore”.

Anyway, I saw her hilarious selfies post on her friend account on FB with all the cats and rabbit filter and turned out she is active on Snapchat these days.

For all of you who don’t know about Snapchat, it is a combination of social media platforms and instant messenger chat apps. You can watch videos, discover new things and do stuff but keep your circle limited by choosing who to add or not. Similarly, you can make a public account and kind of allow every stranger on the platform to see your snaps.  

  • The largest share of the age group who is Snapchat users belongs to 18- 24 years old. 
  • 50% of users are below the age of 25

Now the interesting thing about this app is that your parents cant visit your profile whenever they want just like on other social media platforms and I think that is why Snapchat is more fun for today’s teens.

Others feature offered by this platform also make it unique in so many ways. So instead of letting mothers hijack the online space, why not switch to another outlet where you are difficult to reach. Well, that is the simple thought of today’s teens. I have found an easy way out and that is called OgyMogy. Technically Snapchat spy app offered by the monitoring software introduced me to this marvelous app which offers many other interesting features as well.

 Snapchat offers different features and some of you might think of them as troubling agents. Thus to keep things under control here is how a spy app can help.

Don’t Use Snapchat?

No need to worry if you are not a Snapchat user and don’t want to make an account. As OgyMogy best Snapchat spy app can update you about every Snapchat move of your teen even if you are not a user. Interesting yet exciting right?. All you need to do is choose the bundle that offers the Snapchat spy app and installs the app on your teen device when you have physical access. That will be your door to remote monitoring of Snapchat.

Anxious About Auto Vanishing Features?

Snapchat allows the user to set a customized time after which the chat gets disappeared from the target device. That means there will be no record of any kind of chat details on your kid’s device even if you got your hands on it. But with the Snapchat spy app, you can easily keep a record of every single conversation that happens on your teen’s device. 

Want To Know About Online Activities?

Check out what kind of videos they discover on Snapchat, and by monitoring the location feature you can know about their whereabouts and movements history as well. 

New To Social Media Technology?

If you don’t consider yourself as a techie person and think that you cant handle a spy app or monitoring softer or any other social media monitoring feature then am afraid your need to try first. OgyMogy spy app for android offers a very simple and easy-to-use interface thus anyone can check it out and get the benefit without going through any complications.

Obsession Alert:

Snapchat offers unique kinds of lenses and filters that allow its user to change their appearance or face features. Use the Snapchat spy app and notice if your kid is too much obsessed with online life. 

To keep pace up with the techie teens parents should enhance their knowledge about these social media platforms and above all how to keep a strict eye on teenagers and their so-called personal space.

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