Advantages of Offshore Mobile App Development and KPIs

Offshore Mobile App Development

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What is the greatest benefit of a globalized skill market for every company? You can now tap into skilled resources from across the world for your growth needs. A prominent example of this phenomenon is visible on any app store you visit. There is an app for almost every business today. Mobile app development is not the core function of the majority of these businesses. They have all employed offshore mobile app development services.

Case in point:

The world-famous ride sharing app Uber uses offshore mobile app developers. Cost-effective app development teams in India, Russia and Poland were instrumental in making the app a success. 

You too can follow the same route if you wish to succeed with your business. Even if software and web development is not your key business, you can hire mobile app developers offshore and get the right support for your organization. 

Defining outsourcing parameters 

Outsourcing is a form of business growth approach, where you hire external teams to complete non-core tasks for your business. This kind of secondary support is vital for businesses to acquire an edge over their competition. 

Since by definition, the business functions being outsourced are not the core functions, your in-house team can strengthen business by focusing on core functionality. Therefore, your app development work will not hinder the day-to-day workings of your primary employees and managers. 

Vital Statistic 

70%* of all businesses want to increase their outsourcing activities

Advantages of offshoring 

There are many advantages of offshore app development for your business. Think of the targets you have set for your business. Every advantage listed below should help you empirically come closer to those targets. 

  1. Domain knowledge growth
    If you hire developers offshore, they bring with them their own specific domain knowledge. The domain knowledge of your team merges with that of the offshore developers. This synthesis of knowledge leads to greater expertise in your field of business. You’re thus able to develop technologies that are relevant to your field or products. The company as a whole develops greater knowledge of the core business functions. The company is also backed by technology, which allows your team to apply the combined knowledge and this helps your business grow exponentially. 
  1. Better project management
    Companies you approach for app development will generally offer you a range of subject matter experts. This typically includes developers, analysts, testers and managers. This is the complete service that you get when you hire offshore mobile app developers who allow you to manage all your projects better. This includes core business projects that your in-house team is involved with. Ease of development is the key point that makes offshore app development such a success for most businesses.
  1. More effective execution
    Generally, the teams from both sides (in-house and offshore) coordinate the development of an app. This allows the expertise of both sides to guide the entire process, which means your app will not only be developed faster but also match the set market standards. Smoother development of essential technology allows for quicker deployment of key business practices like sales modules or customer services, which in turn causes faster growth of your business. 
  1. Cost-effective skill acquisition
    The cost-benefit of having access to a global talent pool is obvious. The human resources that you need to fulfil the objectives of your app development can be achieved in a cost-effective manner if you hire mobile app developers offshore. The cost of services is lower in developing markets while the skills offered live up to the market standards.
    Another cost-benefit of offshoring is the ease with which you can upsize or downsize your development team. Not to mention, the legal responsibilities you have to adhere by are minimum.    

Case against in-house development

It is tempting to hire an in-house team and guide the app development process at every step. However, there are many hurdles you will have to overcome in doing so. 

  1. Selecting a mobile app development team is difficult if you do not have the technical expertise to judge the resources you’re interviewing
  2. Your managers will come under immense pressure as they will have to acquire new domain expertise very quickly to guide and set up the new team
  3. The total cost of development will be higher, allowing your competitors to get a price advantage
  4. Unlike offshore assets, you’re legally liable for resources you directly hire. Therefore, you cannot downsize easily in case of budget cuts 

KPIs to guide your app development work

If you hire mobile app developers offshore, you will still need to have clear metrics to judge the development of their work. This metric will keep your mind at ease. After all, having a team on the other side of the globe can cause some stress. Just keep these points in mind and ensure that all your project objectives are met in a timely and professional manner. It is important to discuss and have clarity on these KPIs with your mobile app development partner. 

User base metrics

These vital metrics indicate the retention rate of final users and the number of active users on a given app. This data is important to understand the usability of the app that is being developed. If the structure or the UI of the app is too complicated, the end users of the app will not want to use it. By agreeing on the exact metrics for the user base, both you and your development partner will have a clear goal to achieve during the development process. 

App performance metrics 

This metric takes into consideration the key technical details of an app. This includes the space required by the app and other key factors like loading time or workability of the app on various different mobile operating systems. 

Monetization metrics

This KPI metric looks at vital indicators like cost per acquisition of a customer and the life-time value generated by an app. The monetization metric is the touchstone that should guide your policies and plans every step of the way.

Dispute metrics 

The procedure to solve disputes that will arise as time progresses on the app and between teams should be put in place as soon as the project begins. This will help you avoid blame games at the backend and lead to better customer relations at the frontend of the app. 

The KPIs listed should give you and your teams the clarity needed to begin work on your mobile app. Get the vital technical support you need to upscale your business and branding. Begin your mobile app development now with the confidence that it will benefit every aspect of your business. 

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