7 NFT Games to Play-to-Earn in 2023

NFT Games
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In other words, do you play video games? If so, please read this article. First, let us ask, “How would you feel about being paid to play?” Is that a correct assumption on our part? Since blockchain technology enables so-called “play-to-earn” (P2E) games, this is a realistic goal. Playing these games can earn you real money from non-fungible tokens (NFTs) or bitcoin. Whoa, that’s interesting, huh? Keep reading to find out which NFT game development will be the best in 2023.

What Is an NFT?

First, we’ll define a non-financial target (NFT). The simplest definition of an NFT is a digital asset representing a one-of-a-kind physical good. Since these digital assets are stored on a blockchain, an NFT is a reliable way to demonstrate ownership and validity. Although NFTs can represent physical goods and collectibles, they are most commonly used to describe digital works of art, songs, films, and other forms of digital material.

What Exactly Is an NFT Game?

It’s possible to earn real money while playing NFT games by purchasing and selling virtual items. These NFTs can depict anything from a virtual farm to a virtual unicorn. These NFTs can be traded for other cryptocurrencies or even regular currency. It enables you to change your earned digital assets for Bitcoin and other popular cryptocurrencies (BTC). No sign-up or account creation is required to utilize our platform, which now supports over 370 different tokens and cryptocurrencies.

Basic Concepts

In that case, why do people seem to be so excited by NFT games? In addition to the ground-breaking P2E business model, blockchain technology is used in NFT games to:

  • Prove your right to the virtual goods and privileges you’ve earned.
  • Playable items should be unmodifiable, so make sure they are immutable.
  • Make sure that the game’s content can be seen and used by everyone.

Because of this, it is safe to exchange virtual goods and characters with other players. You can use the money you obtain from selling your NFTs to buy other cryptocurrencies or regular money.

Best NFT Games in 2023

Therefore, we have produced a set of 2023’s top NFT games. Each one is a ton of fun and a potential moneymaker. Pick your favorite and start making money while you play!

1. Dalarnia Mines

This action-adventure game includes a one-of-a-kind virtual real estate market. Miners and landowners work together to find valuable resources in this game. Miners fight monsters and demolish blocks, while landowners offer land and resources. Players can work together to achieve the game’s objectives more simply. DAR is the in-game cryptocurrency of Mines of Dalarnia. It can be used for all in-game transactions.

2. The Guardians’ War

Battle of Guardians (BOG) is a Solana network-based multiplayer fighting game. To gain rewards, you must fight and defeat other opponents. The game has outstanding graphics and allows players to battle across multiple realms. BOG was designed with PC gamers in mind, but it will soon enable cross-platform multiplayer on iOS and Android.

3. Illuvium

Illuvium is an Ethereum-powered role-playing game (RPG). In this game, you can journey across a fantasy realm, defeating and capturing creatures known as Illuvial. These are NFTs that you can employ to battle other players while completing challenges or progressing through the tale of Illuvium. On an NFT marketplace, you can exchange Illuvials and other in-game items. This game’s cryptocurrencies are ILV and silver.

4. Infinity Axie

Axie Infinity is one of the most popular Pokémon-inspired NFT games. In this game, you can battle, raise, collect, and trade Axies, NFTs that resemble mythical animals. Players can compete with their Axies to collect tiny love potions (SLP) tokens, the in-game money. Axies can be purchased or traded on NFT exchanges. Axie Infinity works on the Ethereum platform and is compatible with a variety of operating systems (Windows, MAC, iOS, and Android).

5. The Sandbox

The Sandbox is a virtual world where you can buy land, play games, and even create your own. It is based on the Ethereum network and has its coin, SAND. The Sandbox is a well-known name in the metaverse and possibly the best virtual NFT gaming platform.

6. World of Aliens

Aliens World is another metaverse where users try to obtain Trilium, a cryptocurrency (TLM). This metaverse consists of seven planets where TLM can be mined. You can also send virtual spaceships on missions to compete for TLM awards. You can receive up to five NFTs after finishing an assignment. As they explore this metaverse, players can compete against one another. The BSC blockchain underpins Aliens World.

7. Alice, my Neighbor

My Neighbor Alice is a multiplayer game that provides a trading and collecting ecosystem for NFT. In this game, you can purchase virtual land plots. These are NFTs that can be bought from Alice or the marketplace. Because virtual land is scarce, market prices fluctuate. Other in-game assets like houses, animals, decorations, and even cosmetic goods for your avatar can be purchased. The ALICE token is My Neighbor Alice’s in-game currency.


All of the NFT games described above are a lot of fun. Choose the one that appeals to you the most. You will have a good time playing any of these games. They allow you to earn cryptocurrency rewards, which you can then trade and convert to fiat money. NFT games are still in their infancy. However, gamers are quickly adopting them, and developers are working around the clock to generate new NFT games to meet the needs of the global gaming community. Developcoins delivers cutting-edge NFT token development services and solutions for various businesses.

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