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Marketing strategies

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Marketing techniques are changing rapidly with the business digitalization process. It is not always easy following trends and pinpointing what type of marketing should be a part of your business strategy. Your chosen techniques should have as high ROI as possible, that is no secret. However, each chosen technique makes a customer profile that corresponds to their behaviour.

Here is a list of relevant marketing strategies that can cater to different target groups. 

● Facebook Marketing

With the popularity of Instagram and Tiktok, you may think Facebook is near its end of influence in society, and therefore not worth investing in. You wouldn’t be right. There are 2.91 billion Facebook users worldwide and more than 200 million businesses active. Additionally, 93% of marketers worldwide choose Facebook as their social media platform, for both B2C and B2B businesses. 

When it comes to audience, the Facebook audience is truly wide, and the only less active age group is teenagers among the global age user distribution. Facebook is definitely a relevant platform that you must not overlook.

● Email Marketing

A traditional marketing channel, sending e-mails offers may seem outdated with all the social media platforms that keep customers’ attention for hours. A 2020 Content Marketing Institute research labelled email marketing leading tactic for B2B businesses. However, in B2C, loyalty can be rewarded by using this tactic – for example, sending information about new offers, discounts, and business events before publishing them for everyone. 

Additional information that might help ROI is additional information about your product, like a manual, a service that is not well known, etc. Lead generation is best done through the website newsletter option. 

● Offline Marketing

You got to the real oldies. Nonetheless, these are the basics that are transferred to the virtual world but still remain more or less relevant. Television, radio, and billboards still serve their purpose. The possible issue with traditional marketing could be the reach since it is not always easy to know if you have reached the desired customer profile. 

Depending on your business, however, the target profile alone shouldn’t bother you. A cute sticker with a link to the website or brand name will certainly appeal to the majority of the younger audience, whereas colourful and catchy corflute signs around the neighbourhood or strategically placed around the local county can attract customers from that region.

● Networking & Events

Continuing with the offline marketing, promotional events, sponsorship activities, donations, etc. still happen even with everything that happened during the last two years. They are a great place to network if made on a major scale. Even better, as a sponsor, you could even have the part of the major event for yourself that, as previously researched, attracts your target groups.

Do not sleep on the activities happening, as your desired customers certainly want to remain active in your niche. 

● Influencers and Brand Ambassadors

While researching your potential or existing customers, you will be interested in their hobbies, habits, as well as their preferences. The role model will show itself for each profile you come up with. So why not try going a step further, showing that role model using your products and your services?

Do not, however, make a decision only by looking through celebs. A niche-specified product could sell even better if used by a professional. An easy example of this would be dentists’ recommendations for a brand of toothpaste.

● Branding

Every business has a story, whereas every product has a history. The story about you becoming a business, or a behind-story for your (future) bestseller will give your business a human background. Simply, stories are your “why are you or your product worth giving a chance”.

Your differentiation from the competition depends on the special feeling you provide your customer with. It could be anything from safety, affection, all the way to ambition and power. Get into your feelings and share them with your customers.

● Search Engine Optimization – SEO

Comparing it to traditional marketing, think about Search Engine Optimization as strategic placement of the billboard for new sanitary pads on university grounds. Now place it on the internet. Where is the biggest concentration of search? On Google. This is the best tactic for organic growth.

More than 55% of people search for a product on Google, according to Google’s data insights. It is no wonder that, wherever you are online, you will be searchable by Google. Therefore, you have to ‘compete’ for the first page, by using keywords that your customers use while searching for your type of product. This is another ‘must’ step on this list.

● Further Digitalization and Automation

The trends and the global efforts are definite: everything is becoming digital, virtual, online. Essentially, if you aren’t online, then you don’t know what is happening. From the chatbots, an e-commerce that provides variety, optimization of the websites for easy use on mobile phones, all the way to brand awareness campaigns and giveaways, most aspects of the business are and can be moved to the online sphere. 

The data, the reach, powered by the connection that you can make with your customers by an online presence are the best gifts of the digital world. The detachment that an online world gives to an individual will provide honest reviews and a safe place to make your community grow, thus further improving engagement, sales, and lastly, your business. 

 Bonus advice: Combination of different marketing tactics and the closest target customer profile are and will show to be your best friend for any product, niche, or service. 

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