How to Mark Spoiler Tags on Discord Applications?

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There are numerous online services that allow one to communicate. What started with a few sites like Orkut, Facebook, and a few more, has now turned into a market if so many media platforms to communicate. Also, now there are specialized purposes that will enable you to function on their particular sites or platforms. For dating, there is Tinder or Bumble, for emailing there is Gmail, Yahoo, etc. 

Similarly, a new platform has come up called Discord. It has so many features in it, you can communicate with your friends and colleagues through messaging, making group chats, or through video calling. There is another unique feature that discord will give to you is that it allows the users to play games with friends and still be able to communicate. This was seen in the last few months when users started playing Among us. It also presents you with Spoiler Tag discord. 

If you want to know what a Spoiler Tag is and how to use it in Discord then this article is perfect for you. You just have to stick around and you’ll get the answers to how can one use Discord and the spoiler tag. 

What is a spoiler tag?

As we discussed earlier Discord and how great it is that discord provides so many features to its users. The general public can use discord for many reasons like they can use it personally, just to hang out with friends and play among us as well as to use it professionally, many office groups are made and projects and assignments are given on those groups chats. 

Spoiler tags help you to hide messages and texts of the users who send these texts. This can also be applied to images, right? Is generally, the first question that arises in users’ minds. The answer is correct, you can apply spoiler tags in images as well while working on Discord. Next logical question is that how to do spoilers on discord. We, you shall receive the answer in the next section. 

How to Add Discord Spoiler Tags on the Text?

This is the most important section for all the discord users and potential users who are researching Discord and the spoiler tag that how to hide the spoiler tag in this application. So, without wasting much time, let’s just right into the section where we will talk about how one can hide the spoiler tags on discord. 

  • The first step to add a spoiler tag to a text message is that you must type “/spoiler” right at the beginning of the text message. If you are sending “/spoiler this is a spoiler message” in Discord, the server will successfully hide the message up until the person receiving will decide to open it.
  • There is another alternative method that you can use to add a spoiler tag. In this method, you must put in or insert two vertical bars, right at the beginning and then right at the end of your message. For example see this, “||this is a spoiler message||” this message would definitely be shown as a spoiler in your discord server. 
  • Now, if you wish to see a spoiler message in a Discord chat. Perhaps click on it or tap on it. Then the message will show as a highlighted message, but with a grey background right behind it and that’s it. It will also be considered a spoiler image. 

How to Add a Discord Spoiler Tag on the Image?

Sometimes, there are texts that we might want to hide or would prefer if it hasn’t surfaced, in that case, spoiler tags are perfect, and now that you have learned how to add spoiler tags on discord, not by one but multiple methods. Now, let’s relieve you with the news that you can add a spoiler in the images as well once again. Also, now that you know how to mark spoilers on discord, let’s move on to the next steps where you will let you know that how can you add a spoiler tag on images. 

  • This is unfortunate, you are allowed merely to put spoiler tags within images or attachments in the discord server. Also, you can send it on the app for Windows or Mac. The spoiler tags are not supported in mobile applications. If you wish to add spoilers in the Discord desktop app or on the website. Then you must drag and leave your file into the server chat, or perhaps tap on the plus sign (+) which is next to the chat bar.
  • After this, you can watch a preview of your attached file that will appear before you send it in the chat. You must choose the “Mark as Spoiler” checkbox so you can hide the image or the file post sending it and then tap on the  “Upload” option. 
  • Once it’s sent, your image or the file will show in Discord right behind the spoiler tags. You must tap on the “Spoiler” option to disregard the spoiler view and inspect the file.

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