How to Make Cargo Shipping a Stress-Free Experience

Cargo Shipping
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It can be immensely stressful managing your supply chain and optimizing its performance, given the intensely competitive pressure of international business. In a dynamic environment, you can find it difficult to control the variable and live up to customer expectations. However, as experienced shippers will tell you, there are various ways in which you can plan and execute your cargo shipping so that you can beat stress and live up to customer expectations.

Know the Cargo Dimensions 

By knowing the dimensions accurately, you will be able to know whether you need a “Less than Container” (LCL) or Full Container Load (FCL). If you don’t have enough cargo to fill a container, you can choose to ship LCL. It allows the shipping company to consolidate the cargoes of multiple shippers and send them economically in a container. However, since you need to allow enough time for load consolidation and possible transshipment during transit, LCL cargo can take a little longer to arrive at the destination. With FCL, you book the entire container, and the delivery is faster as there is no need for cargo consolidation, transshipment, or the complexity of documentation. By knowing the dimensions of the cargo, you can make more efficient use of the available container space and lower the per-unit freight membership cost.

Provide Accurate Information

Incorrect information that finds its way into the documentation can cause delays in the shipment. If the dimensions are wrong, container loading may be compromised. If the item description is incorrect, there can be issues with the customs department. Making a mistake in the destination can result in your cargo being unloaded in a different place, and you will incur costs and delays in getting it to the right destination. Ensure you have the permits to import controlled substances; else the customs department will seize them, and prosecute you.

Ensure Proper Packaging 

You must get the packaging right since it is important from many perspectives. Firstly, optimization of the dimensions will allow you to ship more quantities without incurring extra costs. Secondly, the right type of packaging will protect your goods the best from damage. Additionally, by complying with the packaging rules and regulations of the destination country, you will prevent your cargo from being held up and paying extra charges for the rectification and delay.

Buy Supplemental Insurance 

While shipping companies will generally offer insurance, it may not be adequate. You may choose to buy supplemental insurance cover to bridge the gap or even insure your cargo with another insurance company to get the benefit of a lower premium. Having adequate insurance can give you peace of mind like nothing else. Also, you must make sure that you have interpreted the relevant Incoterms correctly, according to Shipping and Freight Resource. These terms decide whose responsibility it is to insure the cargo, 


You can minimize most of the hassles of international cargo shipping if you work with reputed freight forwarding or shipping agencies. They will not only advise on the various technicalities but also assist you in getting the all-important documentation right, which, otherwise, can hold up your consignment.

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