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Kudremukh Trek

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It is one of the best treks to do in the south India region. located in the Chikmagalur district of Karnataka in the western ghats, which is 243 km from Bangalore. Kudremukh peak is at the altitude of 6207 ft. which is the third largest peak in Karnataka after Mullayanagiri and Baba Budangiri.

It is one of the best treks to do in the summer. you will be seeing the green meadows at the top and the dense forest with full foliage, various small streams, and waterfalls. The national reserve forests are spread over about 600 sq km. It is a 22 km trek from the campsite and back which will take almost 5 hours to reach the top.

you will be trekking on a steep path which gets harder as we reach halfway. you will find peacocks and deer during the trek. Kudremukh peak gives you stunning vistas with rolling meadows on one another and dense forests. you will be in between flora and fauna from your busy hectic life of polluted cities. 

The nearest railway station and airport are in Mangalore. which is 120 km from the Kudremukh trek. Kudremukh peak looks like a horse’s face from the side view. and Kudremukh means horse’s face in Kannada. so that’s why this peak got its name kudremukh peak. 

As you start the trek, you have to cross the Shola forest which is a tropical evergreen forest and has many animals and reptiles.

there will be various small streams you have to cross which may wet your shoes while crossing. It will be so pleasant and adventurous at the same time.

After escaping from the forest you will be seeing the meadows and the breathtaking view. The glamour of this place is incredible. the clouds in the valley, and the misty climate during the monsoon is so mesmerising. 

How to Execute the kudremukh trek

you will be picked up from four different parts of Bangalore. Then you will drive to Chikmagalur overnight. reach the campsite. eat breakfast and make yourself energetic cause the trek starts from here.

The trek is divided into 3 sections

  • trek from forest office to Ontimara 2
  • then from ontimara 2 to the final stretch 
  • then from the final stretch to the peak. 

reach the forest office sight as soon as possible because only 50 people get permission to trek for the day. you will be hearing water flowing from the forest office. start your trek to reach ontimara 2, you will be witnessing wildlife if you are lucky enough. It will take two hours to reach Ontimara 2 and witness wide meadows welcoming you from the itchy forest.

Trekking to the final stretch will take 1 hour and it is a kind of good steep. You will now be able to see the peak as well as roll down the meadows into the valley. The scenery you will be seeing is so elegant. And continuously moving forward to reach the peak. 

After reaching the final stretch another hour of the hike will take you to the most awaited part of the day. The peak is right in front of you, witness the 270-degree view from the top. The splendid view of the meadows will make you satisfied. The view is worth the hike. Settle down and enjoy your meal in the best trek of Karnataka. 

Also, remember you should be heading back before 2 pm. Because stepping down is tricky. Also the chance of slipping increases on the way down. The forest department has major restrictions after 6 pm.

You can stay in camps or there are guest houses which you can book in advance. Both of them have different experiences. The majority of the trekkers like to stay in camps. chilling with friends alongside a bonfire. 

Food supply while trekking

near the forest office, there is a Mullodi village that provides food and beverages. Also, pack the food for the further trek so that you can eat it at the peak. You can fill water bottles from the small streams but if you are not good with groundwater then you should carry enough water for the day, from the village. 

How difficult is the kudremukh trek

It is a steep trek but not hard to do the professional tricks. I must say a fit beginner can easily perform the trek. 

What to pack for The trek

  • bring a first aid kit
  • a cap or scarf for women is helpful
  • carry water 
  • sunscreen 
  • safety pins and rubber bands are useful in many ways.
  • wear proper trekking shoes. 
  • snacks and energy drinks are preferable.

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