How To Keep Eyelash Extensions Safe While Getting a Massage?

Eyelash Extensions
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You’ve just had your eyelash extensions applied, and they’re as beautiful as ever. Because you want your lashes to stay as long as possible, you strictly adhere to all aftercare guidelines. What about massages, though? No one wants to miss out on this calming treatment, and you don’t want to spoil your beautiful lashes. So, how can you keep your eyelash extensions safe while getting a massage? Avoid pressing, tugging, or applying pressure to the lashes to protect eyelash extensions during a massage.

We’ll go over why lying face forward on a massage bed is terrible for your eyelash extensions, how to modify a massage bed’s face cradle for the greatest results, and how to make a face cradle with a towel if the massage bed doesn’t have one in this post. Although it should go without saying, this article is about massages that need you to lie face down. It’s alright to sleep on your back since nothing will get in the way of your lashes.

Why Is It Bad for Your Extensions to Lay Face Down on a Massage Bed?

To comprehend why pressure is terrible for eyelash extensions, we must first comprehend how they are administered. You’re probably aware that the lashes are attached one at a time, lash by lash, using medical glue.

Knowing this, we can predict that when we lie face down, the weight of our heads will be pressed onto our eyelashes. Unless safeguards are taken, the weight of our heads will force these linked lashes to be dragged out of their original place.

Furthermore, the persistent strain on your extensions may hasten the loss of your lashes. Finally, your extensions’ curl may be changed.

How to Adjust a Massage Bed’s Face Cradle

Different massage beds have different systems, but they should always contain an adjustment lever to vary the face cradle’s position. A face cradle is a device that is linked to the massage bed’s headpiece and allows customers to lay their heads on it.

The goal is to arrange the face cradle such that the head’s weight is equally distributed and comfortable over the forehead and sides of the head. Your lashes should not be able to contact the cloth when you open and shut your eyes.

How to Make a Towel Cradle for Your Face

The towel should be big enough to wrap around the person’s face and head, with a width of around 2-3 inches. Roll the towel over the face and carefully knot it around it, tucking the long ends beneath.

Ascertain that the majority of the weight of the headrests on the towel on the forehead. You should be able to open and shut your eyes freely, with no strain on them.

One of the things you can do to relax and rejuvenate your body is to have a massage. Massages are also known to improve the lymphatic system’s function, which is one of the reasons it aids in the improvement of one’s quality of life.

What effect does it have on your eyelash extensions if you lie face down on the massage bed?

The lash artist utilizes lash adhesive to bind the eyelash extensions to your natural lashes, whether they are volume or classic set. The weight of the head presses on the eyelashes while lying face down. It pulls on the extensions, forcing them to move away from their initial location. The continual pressure of the head on the eyelash extensions causes the lashes to lose more quickly. Furthermore, the increased pressure may cause the curl of the lash extensions to change.

However, if you are a customer with eyelash extensions, it is essential that you take measures while receiving a massage so that your extensions are not damaged. Eyelash extensions may make you appear stunning, but make sure they remain in place. Varied massage beds have different systems depending on the sort of massage. But they all have one thing in common: they all include an adjustment lever that allows you to change the position of the face cradle. A face cradle is a specific gadget that attaches to the massage bed’s headpiece. When laying stomach down on the bed, it accommodates the client’s face and allows them to rest their head. If you want to keep your lash extensions for a long time, you’ll need to avoid pressure and friction. Also, a lash serum can help you with the safety of your lashes. Read about the best lash serums at this link and eyelash extension tweezers.

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