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There are several careers you can pursue as there are a lot of opportunities online. Companies have moved their entire business processes online and some, such as 24 Hour Fitness, had to restructure and close their facilities. When attempting to decide on a career path to pursue or jobs to pursue, it is helpful to look at the numbers and see which fields are growing steadily.

A promising career path is one that you have the potential to succeed in. Becoming a successful person and achieving your goals can be difficult, so it’s important to make an informed decision about what career you’re best suited for. Therefore, here are some of the best career paths to pursue that are based on tech. 

UX Design

Truthfully, becoming a UX designer does not require an in-depth knowledge of tech-related matters. What is required, however, is a creative eye and a love for aesthetics. This field is perfect for people who held a traditional artistic job in the past as well as for anyone looking to land a tech job without too much tech experience.

A UX designer is responsible for designing the layout of any website you see on the Internet. They typically have knowledge of the human mind and can determine what to add to a website to attract attention. This insight is rewarded by an average salary of $85,277, according to Glassdoor, with some designers even making close to $130,000.

Learning to become a UX designer can be done at any point in your life and the best way is to attend a trade school. These specialized forms of education prepare students for a specific field using intensive courses structured for that field. This allows anyone to become a UX designer, even if they did not major in a related field.

Mobile App Development

Smartphones have developed exponentially over the years and are showing no signs of slowing down. Within these devices, applications are used for a myriad of tasks on a daily basis. In fact, TechCrunch found that smartphone users typically use around nine apps each day.

Every single one of those applications had a mobile app development team behind it. Applications can vary from games to useful tools such as calculators, and this variability means that mobile developers can have a dynamic day-to-day workload. 

Becoming a mobile developer requires coding experience that can be picked up from top-rated coding bootcamps. Coding and programming have long been skills that are typically self-taught, but the rise of technology has allowed specialized bootcamps to teach more people around the world this useful skill. As smartphones develop, the need for new applications will only increase, which means mobile app developers will become extremely useful.

Web Development

On the other side of the development spectrum, web designers are responsible for coding the programs that instruct computers. Depending on the type of web developer, front end or back end, daily tasks can vary from building entire websites to troubleshooting existing ones.

When deciding whether or not to pursue becoming a web developer, you need to discover if the skills required are a match with your interests. You need to be able to sit down for long periods of time and code, but you also need to have excellent problem-solving abilities to handle debugging. 

Besides these tasks, a web developer is also responsible for measuring the performance and traffic on the sites they build and discovering new ways to improve a site and earn more revenue for companies’ online business services. 


The merging of technology and the workforce is accelerating, which will lead to stable new jobs in the future. Pursuing tech jobs is ideal because the outlook is positive in today’s competitive job market, so if this opportunity interests you it might be worth considering.

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