Is a 240hz Monitor Worth It?

240hz monitor

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If you’re looking for a gaming monitor, and someone from the store suggests a branded 240hz monitor, you’re likely thinking: “Is a 240hz monitor worth it?”

It could be a feature present in higher-end displays. However, it shouldn’t be the primary decision-maker. This article will clear up your 240hz screen dilemma for you and assist you in deciding on your options beyond the dimensions and colors of a display.

240 Hz Monitor – Is it Worth the Difference?

Answering this query is heavily on the user who plans to use the 240 Hz monitor and the computing specifications for technical specs. Here’s what I would recommend:

  • Competitive gaming enthusiasts (those who work as professional gamers) should purchase a 240Hz gaming monitor to experience smooth gaming no matter what game you play. There will be slower responses and less lag times when playing games such as CS GO, Overwatch, Fortnite, PUBG, and Battlefield.
  • Strong and Habitual Gamers (those who enjoy gaming during their free time) will appreciate an effortless performance with a 240-Hz panel but, if they utilize the same system to create work that requires the highest quality of color could become a challenge. Which is more important, the speed of response or image quality?
  • If you’re a non-gamer and plan to be using the 240 Hz display only for processing documents (chats and checking emails, spreadsheets and other non-essential tasks) but without the potential of gaming and gaming, then a display with a 204 Hz refresh rate is considered to be overkill for anyone who does not play games.
  • If you are in IT using a 240HZ display, it will help you work more efficiently since certain applications require the most current technology to ensure that image and color quality to display as intended.
  • If you do not have a PC and this is the first time purchasing a multi-purpose PC (gaming and working) and you are looking for a panel with 120 Hz or 144Hz display are suitable. Don’t buy one that is 60 Hz or, if you suddenly have a decision to switch and use your 120Hz display to play competitive games. use.

Is 240Hz Monitor Overkill?

As I mentioned earlier, if you plan to utilize the 240hz display to type basic text or spreadsheets and similar tasks, a 240hz display is likely too much. Even a 144 Hz display would be too much for these tasks.

However, if you’re looking at increasing the quality of your gaming experience or making sure that your screen is able to play the games you’re excited to play, consider both the advantages and disadvantages, and decide where you’re more inclined to.

You’ll notice the difference when you competitively play games. The jump from 120Hz to 240Hz (when coupled with a high-end graphics card) can bring noticeable enhancements to the quality of your eSports game experience.


  • Improved responsiveness which gives more gaming enjoyment
  • Motion blur is reduced (remove the risk of screen tears)
  • Better reaction times during competitive multiplayer games
  • Gaming on a monitor with 240hz provides lower latency (or lag)


  • The panel technology that is used on the majority of monitors that run 240HZ include the TN panel (known for issues with viewing angles) and the IPS panels (tend to be more expensive) as well as VA panels (along with their ghosting problems). They all have low-quality color reproduction, but it’s not a problem with frame rates.
  • The majority of 240Hz monitors on the market are 1080p resolution. There are 1440 resolution 240HZ screens but they can be expensive. If you choose to stick with the 240Hz resolution, there’s a high chance that you’ll be losing visual quality for game performance.

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