Increase Your Website Traffic with these Brilliant Digital Marketing Tips

Increase Website Traffic

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Today, almost every business – whether big or small, has an online presence. Marketers heavily invest in email campaigns, social media marketing, and website optimization to increase sales prospects. However, with spiking competition in the virtual sphere, marketers strive to captivate audiences with different strategies. While some generate engaging content to entice readers, others try to improve rankings on the search engine for better visibility. 

These strategies can help your business stay afloat in the digital world, but it doesn’t ensure competitiveness. Therefore, explore the latest digital marketing techniques to bring more traffic to your site and boost conversions. Alongside producing content, focus on the website’s responsiveness and design. After all, your blogs and articles won’t be useful if the webpage is taking forever to load.

As people rely on Google for every recommendation and query, marketers must target the relevant keywords. The ones that match with user intent can improve the site’s visibility and the click-through rate. Have a look below to learn the tricks to improve website traffic, conversions, and overall business profitability.

1. Create A Responsive Web Design 

Sometimes, brands have brilliant product offerings at the most affordable prices, yet they fail to generate traffic. It usually happens when you have an unresponsive web design with confusing navigation tools. Alongside increasing the bounce rate, it leaves a negative impression on Google, directly impacting website rankings. Hence, before launching new campaigns, evaluate your website performance. You can assess the bounce rate, dwell time, and other key performance indicators (KPIs). 

Once you know where the site is lagging, start taking adequate measures. If the loading time is more than three seconds, optimize images in responsive web design. At times, large-sized files and high-resolution images can affect speed. You can use compression tools and exclude all the unnecessary page elements to remove loading glitches. In addition to improving website traffic, your website will also align with Google’s mobile-first indexing regulations. 

2. Relaunch the Content Strategy

Do you have a content marketing strategy? Often, brands utilize the same blogs for years and expect to generate results on them. However, this is not how things happen in today’s modern era. People want up-to-date information that aligns with the evolving market trends. Thus, instead of ‘improving’ your content, consider ‘relaunching’ your content campaigns. If you have a blogpost on SEO hacks, add the updated hacks to the list.  

Moreover, incorporate visual content in your strategy. You can insert images or screenshots to improve the understanding of the written content. Similarly, create engaging videos and infographics to captivate more people. Otherwise, if you want to try something different, make podcasts and invite listeners to your website. Above all, Google ranks websites higher that have some form of visual content, improving your overall search rankings. 

3. Target Long-Tail Keywords 

Mostly, marketers target short-tail keywords because of high search volume. However, it fails to provide results because hundreds of websites are using the same keyword. Hence, look for words and phrases with low-ranking difficulty; perhaps, the long-tail keywords. These are more specific keyword phrases that audiences use when they are about to make a purchase. 

For instance, if you are selling handbags, instead of targeting ‘handbags,’ opt for something more specific. You could use ‘ladies leather handbags’ or ‘affordable handbags for ladies.’ In addition to higher visibility, you will find people who are looking for that specific product. Thus, with the smart implementation of long-tail keywords, you can pull in a lot of traffic with a higher return on investments (ROI). After all, the traffic coming to your webpage would be the people who have a genuine interest in your offerings.

4. Optimize URLs

A website’s URL should be user-friendly if you want people to click on it. Therefore, keep URLs short, include your keyword, avoid strings of numbers, and most importantly, optimize it for the search engine. URLs provide information to search engine about the page’s content, context, and its target.  Here are some factors that have a direct impact on a website’s ranking and traffic. 

  • Whether it is the search engine or user, the URL must be readable by everyone. It should communicate what your website is about to increase the click-through rate. 
  • The way a URL’s information is made available can be of great importance to search engines. They only regard webpages in the root folder which means, you have to give top content more priority. 
  • Avoid capital letters as it can confuse the readers and search engine. 
  • Add the mobile URLs to the sitemap to inform Google that your website is mobile-friendly. 
  • Lastly, block unsafe URLs to close doors for cyber threats. Bad URLs can even get your site penalized by the search engine. 

Once your URL is up to the par, Google will automatically increase rankings while directing more traffic to your website. 

5. Rank Videos on YouTube

Although Google is the globally used search engine, it can be quite competitive when it comes to specific keywords. But when we talk about YouTube SEO, everyone has an equal opportunity to engage and entertain audiences. Besides the keywords and search intent, YouTube SEO is highly engaging. It comprises different metrics such as likes/dislikes, average watch time, click-through rate, etc. Are you wondering how YouTube helps with website traffic? 

YouTube wants viewers to spend time on its platform for as long as possible. If you achieve this goal, YouTube will give you higher visibility as a reward. Firstly, create highly engaging videos and align them with search intent. If viewers have an informational search intent, offer them product demos or educational videos. Also, don’t forget to link your website in the description incase viewers plan to buy the product after watching the video. 

6. Host A Giveaway Contest 

Don’t you love free stuff? Perhaps, everyone does. So, why not use free goodies to get more traffic on the website? Giveaway contests are gaining a lot of popularity these days. You can offer a free prize in exchange for the audiences’ information. Hence, consider creating some rules to enter the contest. You can ask users to sign up for your email campaign or tag five friends under the giveaway post. 

Additionally, you can incentivize people to share your giveaway contest with their friends or offer them additional entries. Remember to share the giveaway contest on social media forums to get the maximum number of entries and social shares. It will grow your email list while driving more traffic towards your website.

Final Thoughts 

The benefits digital marketing brings to the table are hard to ignore. Brands get more exposure with an opportunity to sell to international clients and expand their business overseas. However, the captivating local and international audience remains a challenge because of rising competition. Marketers have to implement advanced strategies to increase ranking, increase their website traffic, and improve conversion prospects.

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