Increase ROI on Technology Investments with Robust Digital Adoption

Increase ROI

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Technology investment can easily shoot up into exorbitant amounts. To ensure a high ROI, you need to make sure that your business is deriving the maximum benefits from your IT infrastructure. Employees should use a tool when it speeds up the job instead of wasting crucial man hours on such a job. Customers should be interacting with automated agents and interfaces whenever possible instead of calling you and snowballing support costs.

In short, Digital Adoption holds the key to making your IT set up a success. Let us have a closer look at this concept.

What exactly is Digital Adoption?

Digital adoption is simply using your newly-installed technology tools and applications to the maximum possible amount. Digital Adoption is a philosophy and set of practices that ensures your staff and customers learn new technologies, get habitual of using them and take utmost advantage of them to justify the initial cost of procuring them.

Why is Digital Adoption critical?

There is not much point in having the fanciest software tools installed if no one uses them? If your customers are still reaching out to employees for minor queries and tasks when those are possible with your on-site technologies, you are incurring needless human resource costs. On the other hand, if employees are still executing those processes manually that can be done efficiently with software and automation, then your processes are not optimised. In short, digital adoption is critical to derive the full benefit of any new technology that your company buys.

What are some of the windfalls I stand to gain with successful Digital Adoption?

You can avail of a huge number of direct and indirect benefits if your business is successful at Digital Adoption when any new technology is installed.

  • Reducing time to market and time to order completion – With customers demanding quicker service and order fulfilment, you can compete if your processes are heavily manual and long-drawn. With digital adoption, you can speedily complete customer transactions.
  • Efficiency of Operations – Slow and sluggish operations can bring even the most innovative companies to their knees. Strategy is important, but the key to business success is in execution. Technology can bring in much-needed boosts in efficiency across all your operation. With a very important caviar though – only if you use it to its full capacity. Successful digital adoption ensures you are able to do this.
  • Better Relations with Business Partners – You develop better business relations with your partners as they adopt your technologies and products in a big way.
  • In touch with Industry Trends – By ensuring robust Digital Adoption, you ensure your company and all your stake holders are up with the cutting-edge in your industry. All of your employees use only the latest tools.
  • Get over the Technology Learning Curve earlier – Sooner or later, your customers and employees will have to switch over to the new technologies. Through early adoption, they can quickly get over the difficult parts of the learning curve.

The magic of Digital Adoption Platforms!

This is where things with Digital Adoption get really interesting. You now have dedicated software suites called Digital Adoption Platforms (DAPs) that help you quickly get up to speed in using other software! You learn the new software with the help of another software!

A good DAP will take you’re the new users of your application through a detailed guided tour over all the modules in an easy and engaging manner. Using the power of interactive interfaces along with clear demonstrations, a DAP can help your stakeholders become comfortable with the new tool in the best way.

A DAP is a complete learning resource with powerful features such as:

  • Guided tours covering major features and functionalities
  • Engaging training through high-quality videos
  • Deep and knowledge intensive long-form articles and tutorials
  • Timely self-help dropdowns and alerts
  • Organised learning in fully packaged courses
  • Robust analytics to ensure better learning outcomes

Further help – Digital Adoption Solutions

Digital Adoption Solutions (DAS) are a superset of DAPs. You have various kinds of DAS and you can try some of these to further boost Digital Adoption across your organisation.

Technology is a game-changer for businesses. Sadly, too many young businesses miss out on crucial gains they can make with their already installed tools and software simply by not using these fully enough. Digital Adoption is a guiding philosophy that can help you cut down on these wasteful idle-time costs. You can derive business ROI with full and complete utilization of your advanced tools and information systems.

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