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increase likes on instagram

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Instagram started as a photo-sharing social networking platform, and today, it is one of the prominent channels of brand promotion. Most businesses aim to have an Instagram business profile and make use of the site’s tools and features to promote themselves. If you are already on Instagram, chances are you want to maximize your engagement rates. Like others, do you also want to get more likes on your images and posts? The answer will always be a yes!

The best currency you can have on Instagram is its “likes”! With more likes, your social media posts will progress higher in the follower’s news feed. When you get more likes, it will make sure that your forthcoming posts have increased exposure. As that is how Instagram’s algorithm operates to showcase the users more of things that they have shown their interest in.

When you get more Instagram likes, you have a set of other advantages as well. For instance, you get more organic traffic and followers. People will also glance through your profile if they like your content. When you plan correctly, an Instagram like has the chance to become an essential aspect of your entire Instagram strategy. Today, you can join hands with companies that help you to buy likes for Instagram. These companies understand your requirements and cater to the same.

However, other than purchasing likes, it also essential that you work to get them organically. Here are a few strategies that will work for you.

Share the apt pictures

Pictures are the most crucial aspect of an Instagram strategy! Hence, it’s best to start with it. When you share a photo to attain more likes, you need to know what compels your fans and users to like a specific post. You can check out all the old posts and assess them in terms of like. The posts that got more likes are an excellent specimen to study.

Do you have a new account? Or do you lack ample posts? If yes, you need to keep a tab on other market players and competitors and check what they are posting. When you know the kind of pictures that get more likes, you can generate similar posts and share them. Usually, you might want to post two types of images in your Instagram feed, namely designed pictures and photos.

Use Hashtags and CTA (Calls to Actions) in captions

Do you want more likes? If yes, you need to ask for it! Social media experts found out that brands got more retweets when they asked for the same. Hence, if you wish to get more likes on Instagram, go ahead and ask for it. You can get this done by adding a simple message in the caption like – “Please like this post.” You can also use the same overlay text on the image.

Also, when it comes to hashtags, you need to add about eleven hashtags. You also have the scope to add more. Make sure that it doesn’t exceed more than fifteen hashtags. Else, it might appear spammy. Does your post belong to a specific niche? If yes, then you can resort to particular tools that will enable you to come across relevant hashtags.

You need to schedule your post at the correct times

According to several researches, the best time to post is between 10 pm and 3 am. Generally, this time fetches maximum interactions on Instagram. There are many reasons for this. Usually, the engagement rates are more when there is low competition. The people who have posted between this time frame found that there is less post to compete for, and that fetched maximum attention. When your post gets more attention, you get increased exposure.

That is not all! You can experiment for yourself and find the best posting schedule for your business. It will help you to gain maximum engagement and likes for your Instagram posts and images.

Reshare on multiple networks

Do you have a good following on other social networks? If yes, it is an excellent decision to re-share the Instagram posts on these social networking platforms. This cross-sharing will direct your followers and other users to the Instagram account, which will increase the likes. When you use Instagram, you can automatically share the posts on platforms like Twitter and Tumblr as and when you publish. The posts get showcased differently on every network, depending on the character restrictions and image layout. However, this option is worth using because it leads to more likes.

Go ahead and like other posts

Social media experts say that it pays to like images of other brands and businesses that you don’t follow on Instagram. It might get you likes and follows back. It is a good strategy that can work anytime. However, the strategy depends on your business objectives. But it is a good practice to scan through the best Instagram feeds and popular hashtag results. You can like such posts and get connected with other users that might become fruitful in the future. You might gain a potential business connection this way. It helps to gain Instagram followers and likes and expand your brand.

Conduct a like and tag-to-win contest

The “like-to-win” contests are an effective medium for generating engagement. For this, you will require an Instagram image, and you can ask users and followers to like the same to participate in the picture. It’s a relatively straightforward process. Many people will like the image if the price is good. If you want to boost your user engagement, it is a good practice.

If you want a better outcome, you can opt-in for a “Tag to win” contest and ask your followers to tag a person or two in the comments. The people who get tagged in the contest will end up liking your posts and other images. Other than likes, it will also maximize the follower count and comments.

Increasing likes on Instagram is easy when you follow the best tactics! The strategies mentioned above are easy to follow and accomplish your target.

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