How to Write an Effective Research Paper

How to write a research paper

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How to write a research paper: Every high school student must be aware of the research paper. A research paper represents evaluative and analytical arguments resulting from research on a specific topic, presented in the form of an extended essay. Many students find writing a research paper a tough row to hoe; however, every student wants his research paper to be influential. Here are some easy tips that students must keep in mind while writing a research paper to make their write-up useful and engaging.

A research paper needs your full attention and time, and students cannot do justice with the paper because of acadmeic burden and other jobs. But for students who are having a busy scehdule can take help from an online nursing essay writing service UK as the experienced team, they have helped students write their research papers. Have a look at the guideline below for writing your research paper.

Read the guidelines:

Before starting your work, read the guidelines given by your instructor keenly and carefully. Read all the points thoroughly about research, writing format, style, pattern, and every other detail that might seem minor because it will impact your work’s representation. It is essential to have a clear roadmap before starting working so that all your efforts do not go in vain due to silly mistakes. Read carefully what your instructor wants you to do and exactly how he wants you to do it. Write down essential points in a shorthand if necessary. Whenever you come across even a slight confusion, consult your instructor’s guidelines.

Carefully select the research topic:

The selection of research topic is the most crucial part of research paper writing. Your topic should be interesting, unique, and manageable. Select an issue that has enough research content and is related to your field of study. Also, you should select the topic which scholars have previously researched. You may take help from your instructor, teachers, or Google to find a good case. Jot down more than one idea and then select the best from them.

Brainstorm your ideas:

Brainstorming or mind-mapping is an excellent trick to avoid or get rid of writer’s block. The trick is simple. Think about the topic and note down whatever comes to your mind related to that topic. Connect these points to create a relation between your ideas. It is a useful skill to give you relevant ideas about the subject and show a real picture of what you exactly want to write about.

Do proper research:

Research is no doubt an essential part of writing a research paper that provides the foundation. This step will determine the quality and effectiveness of the whole process. Proper research is necessary for delivering you high-quality content and new information for your paper. It will help you understand the topic deeply and formulate ideas about it to include in your essay. For research purposes, you should only go through authentic sources of information. Include accurate and latest facts and statistics. It will add authenticity to your content. Some good research sources are Google Scholar, encyclopedias, newspapers, books, government reports, periodicals, publications, and guides. The seeds’ credibility can be checked by answering what, who, why, when, and how questions.

Thesis statement:

The thesis statement is significant for the research paper. It is included in the outline of a research paper. It provides the base for the essay. A thesis statement consists of a central idea or argument followed by two to three supporting points. Your thesis statement must be based on logical grounds. It should be precise but meaningful. Don’t write wordy comments. The thesis statement’s objective is to explain your goal, the methods to achieve it, and your expectation of the result. Get your thesis statement approved by your instructor before proceeding further.

Create an outline and write the first draft:

After choosing a topic and doing adequate research to collect information, the next step is creating a rough outline of the research paper. It will make it easier for you to design your work accordingly. Creating a smart strategy is like winning half battle. After creating a rough outline:

  1. Write the first draft of your essay.
  2. Please read it thoroughly and make necessary amendments.
  3. Re-read your work each time you edit to make it flawless.

Edit where necessary:

Read your draft again and again, and do not hesitate to make necessary changes. Whenever you find something irrelevant, exclude it. Add the latest information available to you. Replace difficult words with their simpler synonyms. Avoid using jargon. Make others read your essay and judge it neutrally. Note their remarks and edit your document according to them. Read your report thoroughly several times. Also, read it aloud if possible. It is an excellent way to catch mistakes that are usually ignored while reading by heart.

Avoid grammatical errors:

Check your paper carefully for any grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, typos, punctuations, and stylistic. These kinds of mistakes build a negative impression of the author of the research paper. Moreover, it reduces the clarity of the subject and may promote ambiguity resulting in misinformation. Make sure there is no plagiarism in your content. For this, you can use different free and paid tools readily available on the internet. Split long paragraphs and add headings and sub-headings where necessary.

Citation of sources and Bibliography:

It is essential to cite all the information sources in your paper; otherwise, it will be considered plagiarized. You will not want to face these kinds of unpleasant consequences. Please keep track of sources you are gathering information from to cite it in the paper. Some useful tools to help you with citation are, EasyBib, Diigo, and others. Use the citation style as per your instructor’s guidelines. Usually, in-text citations are placed at the end of the referred sentence before the period. Whether you follow any authority format, make sure to include all the sources of information in your bibliography. Bibliography on a separate page follows the research paper.

Proofread carefully:

After preparing the final draft, it is crucial to proofread it before finalizing it carefully. The purpose of proofreading is to locate any kind of mistake present in the text, like grammar, spelling, font, punctuation, etc. It is crucial to proofread the document carefully by you or any expert to avoid the chances of any errors.

By using above mentioned simple tips, you can improve your research paper writing skills, and this improvement will be evident from your work. By applying these necessary skills, your research paper will stand apart from others in quality and influence.

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