How to Unlock Automatic Car Door without Key

How to Unlock Automatic Car Door without Key

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Having a spare car key with you won’t seem like a big deal until you are stuck in a situation where you need one. Getting locked out of your car because your key has been lost, stolen, or broken can be frustrating. But the real question is that how will you open your automatic car door without the key? Below are some hacks that can come in handy in opening an automatic car door lock in no time.

1- Use a Smartphone 

If you’ve got a vehicle that is operated with a digital key and fob, you can use your phone to open the automatic door in the case when you get locked out. If you’ve got a second car key or spare digital key in your house, you won’t have to do much. Call anyone at your home and ask them to find the spare key and hold it near the phone. After that, keep your smartphone close to the automatic door, at least at a foot’s distance, and ask them to press the release button. This will open your vehicle door.

2- Unlock the Door using Near Field Communication 

Many global car manufacturers have invented new technologies to open automatic car doors during lockouts. One of these new technologies uses the concept of connectivity with near-field communication to turn your smartphone into a key. And the advantage here is that you won’t have to download any applications for it. You can unlock the car by just holding your smartphone over the near-field communication tag on the window. This method is quite easy and effective and is useable when the car keys get lost. However, not every car manufacturer offers the use of this feature. This is how locksmith make car keys.

3- Tennis Ball Technique 

When locked out of your car, find a local departmental store near you and buy a tennis ball. Since many automatic car doors have a keyhole present in the case of an emergency, you can use it to open the door. On one side of the ball, drill a hole that should be the same size as the car door keyhole. You can use your car toolkit for this purpose as it usually has a screwdriver in it. Take the hole you drilled in the tennis ball near the door’s keyhole and squeeze the ball until the door is pneumatically unlocked. If the door doesn’t unlock on the first attempt, continue applying the pressure. 

4- Use a Metallic Wire 

Another way to unlock an auto-lock without a key is to use a metal cord. A wire hanger can also be used after one side has been straightened out. Put it in the weather stripping and move it around until you understand the locking system. Figuring out the locking mechanism can take a long time, so be patient. Check the manufacturer’s manual to locate the locking mechanism if you want things to be done quickly. This method handles the locking mechanism and does not attempt to press the lock button on the car so that it can be used with a horizontal lock. When the hook side snaps into the lock, pull it up, and the door will open.

5- Use a Sturdy Straw

A solid straw is another commonly used item to open an automatic door lock without a key. Bend the straw properly to allow room in the door and insert the bent side near the lock to remove both open ends. Move the straw around the lock until you get it properly and once it is done, pull the straw upwards to open the door lock. 

6- Use a Metal Rod with a Screwdriver 

This method is very common, and you can easily unlock a car door with the help of a screwdriver. However, if you have never tried it before, you may find it a bit hard and time-consuming. Make sure to keep a long thin metal rod and a screwdriver in your car’s trunk all the time. Use the screwdriver to make a space between the doors carefully. The space should be enough to insert the rod. After this, insert the rod into the vehicle and hold the edge. However, before inserting the rod, make a hook at one end to simplify the process. Opening a car door with a rod can cause multiple damages, so great care must be taken. If you are near a hardware store and are not accustomed to using steel bars, buy another tool.


It’s very annoying to lose access to your car’s key. Unfortunately, the new cars with automatic locks make it more difficult to unlock the door without a key. But the tricks shared above will be very useful to you when you’re stuck in a lockout, so use them carefully to get quick results in a short time. 

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