How to Open EDB Files Without an Exchange Server?

How to Open EDB Files Without an Exchange Server

Last Updated on November 25, 2023 by Team Experts

Summary: EDB files often used by Exchange Server to store information. However if you are thinking of accessing your EDB files without your exchange server then here is a quick guide for you. We will be discussing some manual and professional solutions to open EDB files without an Exchange Server. 


The Exchange Database File also known as the EDB files are known for storing the data of the Exchange Server. This data includes emails, journals, notes, tasks, attachments, messages, calendars, contacts etc. Exchange Server supports this format and helps to open the EDB files. But what if you want to open these EDB files without an Exchange Server? Let us discover the reasons for opening these EDB files without an Exchange Server and the ways to do it.

Reasons for opening EDB files without Exchange Server

There can be several reasons due to which you might need to open EDB files without Exchange Server. Here are some of the common ones.

  • The Exchange Server is down.
  • There are bugs which are preventing the EDB files from opening.
  • The device has suddenly shut down.
  • There is a hardware error.
  • The server has been attacked by malware.
  • The Exchange Server is decommissioned.

In such a situation, you will have to open and view the EDB files without Exchange Server. Here are some of the methods that you can follow for this:

Using Microsoft ExMerge.exe Utility

ExMerge.exe is a Microsoft Exchange Server Mailbox Merge Wizard that helps the Exchange Administrator to extract data from mailboxes on an Exchange Server. This data is merged with the mailboxes on another Exchange Server. This particular tool can be used to convert EDB to PST files and these files can then be imported MS Outlook. Here are the steps that you will have to follow for this:

  1. Go to Google Search Bar. Search ExMerge.exe and download the utility.
  2. Click on the ExMerge.exe setup and select the extract location.
  1. Click OK to extract.
  1. Checkmark Extract data from an Exchange Server Mailbox radio box. Click on Next.
  2. Click the Import Procedure tab and go to checkmark Archive data to the target store. Click on OK
  3. Select the Message Details option and then Enter details. Click on OK.
  4. Choose Mailbox for Export. Then click on Next. Now, specify Location and then click on Export Process complete. Click on Finish.

The method to open EDB files that we have explained above is very complicated. In fact, it is time consuming and there are very huge chances that you won’t be able to access the EDB files without Exchange Server. But there is nothing to worry as there is yet another method to make this happen. 

Regain EDB to PST Converter: An Automatic Solution to Open EDB files without Exchange Server

The above method simply converts these EDB files to PST file format and these files are then opened in MS Outlook. However, this method was pretty exhausting. Now, we will share an alternative method to open EDB files without Exchange Server. With the help of Regain EDB to PST Converter Tool, you can easily convert your EDB files to PST file format. This professional tool extracts the data from the EDB files without any loss. It does not even distort the structure of the file or the hierarchy of the placement. 

After converting these files into PST file format, they can be easily accessed on MS Outlook and multiple other email clients such as Thunderbird. You can also view these EDB files. This tool helps the users to convert their EDB files to multiple file formats such as HTML, DOC, MSG etc. It helps to preview the files before conversion and pause or resume the conversion process. This tool easily converts multiple EDB files regardless of the size. It is compatible with every version of the Windows Operating system. Users also get an option to download a report after all the files have been converted. The tool is very easy to use and at the same time it is the perfect tool for beginners.


We have discussed the ways with the help of which you can easily open the EDB files without Exchange Server. However, the manual method is very difficult and time consuming. That is why this Regain EDB to PST Converter tool is the go-to solution that users should follow in this case. So, the next time your Exchange Server is down, you can easily rely on this tool to access your data. 

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