How to Hide Posts from Someone on Instagram?

how to hide someones instagram posts

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Instagram is a platform to share your new and creative ideas or to express your thoughts with the help of visual content. Sometimes you have to hide your content from a specific person and you don’t want them to know. This doesn’t mean that you should block them because you need to connect with them or you have to keep a connection. In that situation, you can use other options as this app is full of amazing features.

You need to explore them and use them whenever you feel the need. If you are looking for ways to hide your posts from someone, we’ll help you find some easy methods. In that way, they wouldn’t even know that you have hidden something from them. Also, your posts will be available for everybody else other than the person you hide. 

Hiding Posts from Someone on Instagram 

People love to share their videos or photos and for a better reach and exposure of their posts, they even buy Instagram views. But sometimes they want to share them with just a few followers or the one that is close to them. You might have noticed this feature on WhatsApp also that allows you to hide your status from specific people. You can even choose the people with whom you want to share on WhatsApp. Although at this moment there isn’t any option available for Instagram users. That they can choose from the followers who can see their posts. You can hide your posts or even stories from followers that you select. 

What if You Block Someone on Instagram

If you think that blocking someone on Instagram can solve your problem that way you can avoid them completely. They wouldn’t be able to see any public or private posts from you even if you use the option to buy Instagram followers USA, they wouldn’t be able to watch your profile picture or bio details. After blocking someone on Instagram will do the below things:

You don’t need to worry after blocking someone because they wouldn’t get informed that you have blocked them. Also, they cannot see your profile, tags, posts, or even stories. 

If you like or comment on a public post that individual will get to know about it.

Your old chats in direct messages will not get deleted but you cannot connect with them anymore. 

Their comments, tags, and likes on your previous posts will get removed and you wouldn’t be able to restore their previous likes or comments.

That blocked person cannot send you messages anymore. 

If you are well aware of these above consequences and still want to block someone it’s up to you. Otherwise, you can look for alternative solutions through which you can avoid blocking someone, and still they wouldn’t be able to see your posts. 

Hide Your Posts from Someone by Keeping Account Private

Some people keep their accounts private to hide their content from people they don’t know. If you also don’t want to show your videos or photos to strangers you can keep your account private. You can have a look at others’ profiles using Instagram profile viewer if you want to know about them secretly. You can easily turn on your account privacy by following the steps:

Open your Instagram app.

Click on the bottom right corner to go to your profile.

From there click on three horizontal lines in the upper right corner. 

Choose ‘Settings’.

Tap on ‘Privacy’.

Turn on the ‘Private Account’ toggle button. 

Now no one outside of your followers can see your photos or videos. You wouldn’t have to worry about the content you share.

Use the Restrict Option

If you don’t want to block someone you can use the restrict option after that they wouldn’t be able to see your posts or stories. Although they can still see your followers count and profile in that way you can post freely and they wouldn’t get to see anything from you. Below is the method to restrict someone on Instagram:

You simply have to go to the profile that you want to restrict. 

Then click on three horizontal lines at the top right corner of that profile.

Choose the ‘Restrict’ option and confirm the same option again. 

Archive Your Posts

Restricting or blocking someone doesn’t feel good to you, no worries you can archive your posts. In that way, only you can see your posts and no one else will. 

Go to your profile post that you want to hide from others.

Click on the three dots above that post. 

There you’ll see the option of ‘Archive’, click on it.

How to Mute Someone or Stop Seeing Their Posts?

Seeing continuous posts from the same person can annoy you if you are facing the same situation and you don’t want to see their posts. There is another option of muting someone rather than blocking without the person knowing. 

Mute is the best option to stop seeing posts from a specific person, in that way they wouldn’t even know. Good thing is that you can unmute them anytime, whenever you want. Even after muting, you can still get notifications about their comments and posts. Only your feed will not have their posts anymore until you unmute them. The process to mute a person is below:

Go to the person’s profile whom you want to mute.

Tap on the ‘Following’ button.

Choose ‘Mute’ from the options.

You can choose from the toggle button whether you want to mute their posts or stories also. 

Final Thoughts

Social media platforms are great options to stay connected with others and share your daily life or new ideas. But sometimes you feel like stopping sharing your content with specific people. Hiding any type of content is possible. Whether you want to hide posts, stories, or both. You can use the above methods to hide your posts and for stories, you can turn on the ‘Close Friends’ option so that only your selected followers can see your content. Even if you don’t want to keep a list of close friends you can use the hide story option from the settings of your profile. You can choose as many followers as you want from whom you want to hide the story content. Using Instagram is fun, convenient, and easy.

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